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Dangerous Liaizzzzzzzons

Rebecca is sitting with a young woman who doesn't understand why the defense is going to put Mr. Potter's reputation on trial. Because she's never heard of the law. Because she's never even seen a lawyer before. Because she's never watched television or seen The Accused. Truly, she's lived in a bubble her entire life. What. Freaking. Ever. Blah. Rebecca tries to explain. Then she asks if the secretary knew if Potter (please don't tell me his name is Harry) was having any other affairs. Not to her knowledge, but she doesn't know the every move of her boss. Rebecca: "But as his secretary you'd know the calls he got and see who walked into his office." Well, according to her, the only person was Ms. Dafoe. Damn. It's not looking good for Rod's little honey. But if we all know one thing for sure right now, it's that DEK never gives us anything in a straightforward way; of course someone is setting Katie up, and of course she is innocent.

The Hospital. Lucy is sitting beside Ms. Walters, whose face is red and swollen on the left side. The poor woman took quite a beating. That's horrendous. What kind of man would beat and rape an eighty-year-old woman? Helen comes into the hospital room. Lucy greets her jovially. Then she introduces Sybil to the district attorney. Helen is wearing a camel-coloured overcoat. She would look better if her lips weren't glossy misrepresentations of flesh. Helen asks how Sybil is doing. Sybil: "All things considered? Philadelphia seems nice." The lawyer condescends, "Yeah." You can tell she's got other things on her mind. Helen: "Well, I do have some good news. We caught the man." Lucy is shocked; she was hoping to be more involved, you know, because this is her second career and everything. Helen continues, "He posed as a delivery boy." Then she asks Sybil if she could possibly look at a police line-up. Sybil is upset: "Be in a room with him?" No. A separate room, and he wouldn't be able to see her. Lucy insists that she'll be right with Sybil at all times. Both Helen and Lucy try to convince the frail, visibly upset woman to participate in the line-up.

Suffering County Courthouse. We are treated to The Dance Of The Defeated as Mrs. Potter wheels herself into the courtroom. She's blonde. Her face is a sort of mixture between Patricia Wettig and Meryl Streep. The jury looks at the poor woman in her wheelchair, and you can feel their resolve against Katie set itself into stone. Mrs. Potter: "It was two nights before the accident when I discovered them." Kenny Walsh, the big-shot DA, has taken this case; he's a worthy adversary for Emperor Rod. He asks for clarification: "Your husband and the defendant." Yes. Mrs. Potter was supposed to be visiting her sister, only her flight was cancelled. So, she went back home, only to find Katie in her house. Kenny: "What happened then, Mrs. Potter?" Well, she and Bernard had a rather "massive" argument. They were still fighting two days later. During an argument in the car, they lost control and crashed. Kenny wonders if the accident rendered her incapable of using her legs. Today's case should really be entitled "Commonwealth v. Master of the Obvious." Mrs. Potter's eyes well up with fake tears as she explains that her husband felt extremely guilty. That's why he "terminated" his relationship with Ms. Dafoe. Kenny wants to know if Mrs. Potter ever spoke to Kate. She replies, "On a couple of occasions." Kenny: "What was her demeanor?" Blah she was frantic blah. Katie purses her lips. "From your observations she didn't take the break-up very well." Mrs. Potter agrees with the DA's "question." The DA moves on to the more relevant issue -- that there's no way Bernard Potter took his own life. Mrs. Potter: "I can't believe that he killed himself." Blah he wasn't a happy man, blah she knew her husband, blah he's not capable of suicide, blah.

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