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The Firm. Prince Rod is being fed his supper. The very blond baby has food all over his face. Aw. He's cute. He doesn't look like he was born of Lindsay and Rod, but he's cute nonetheless. Katie is there, and so too is Jimmy. While shoveling the chow in the kid's mouth, Bobby is going over strategy with the Lump. "You have to cross her easy, Jimmy, otherwise we'll completely alienate the jury." He knows. He really knows, because he says, "I know," in that deadpan sort of patronizing stop-telling-me-the-obvious kind of way. Bobby doesn't think Mrs. Potter hurt them too badly today. Except that she totally did. The dead guy's wife is in a wheelchair, and she doesn't think her husband killed himself. Come on -- admit that you're in trouble, Rod; just go on and admit it. Honestly, Mrs. Potter is a pretty credible witness. Rod's son drools food all down his face. "Oops!" He's had enough. Aw -- sweet innocent Katie grabs a facecloth and wipes off the food. Then she picks up Kid Rod and holds him tight. Bobby's still all about business. He asks Jimmy if he's heard from Rebecca. Jimmy replies she's still doing interviews but he'll go check if she's called in; he smirks at the two of them before he leaves the room.

The Woe-Is-Me Waltz starts playing as Katie pats the boy on the head and muses, "This is how my life should have turned out." She pulls Kid Rod closer. "I grew up in a family where family meant everything." Pause. Gabrielle Anwar looks really soft and pretty in this scene. "So when people look at me like I'm a murderer." She strokes Kid Rod's hair. "I can at least console myself with the fact that they have it wrong." Pause. "But I fear the accusation of being a home-wrecker really hurts, because they have it right." Lindsay walks in on her husband and Katie doing, well, nothing, but that doesn't stop her from throwing freaky looks at both of them, or the guilty expression on Rod's face. She apologizes for being late and pulls her baby from the clutches of that evil Katie. Lindsay: "How did the first day go?" Rod: "Not too bad but the big guns come tomorrow." He's going to have to work late tonight. Oops. That was the wrong thing to say. With a hint of suspicion in her voice, Lindsay notes, "Late night for Jimmy too?" Rod nods. The three of them stand uncomfortably around one another, waiting for the Waltz to stop.

Suffering County Courthouse. Jimmy is cross-examining Mrs. Potter. He asks, "At the time of your husband's death, you testified these were not happy times. In fact, he was being treated for depression, right?" For every ten words of Jimmy's, Mrs. Potter has one: Yes. "And you also spoke of his guilt for both the affair and the accident." Mrs. Potter: Yes. "What is, or was, your favourite hobby?" Mrs. Potter: Walking. Of course it was. Because anyone who lands in a wheelchair on a DEK show must love physical activity above all others, or else where would the tragedy be. Could he be any more contrived? Make sure you put a Chandler inflection on the word "be" in that sentence. It works much better that way. Okay. Jimmy: "I'm told you would often drive into the city and walk for hours." Blah she wrote short stories, blah she used her walks as inspiration, blah walking blah. "And you also loved it?" Mrs. Potter: Yes. Jimmy asks if Mr. Potter once said he wished he'd been killed in the accident. Mrs. "I Love Walking" Potter explains that he'd rather have lost his life than her lose her legs, but she never took it to mean that her husband was suicidal. Ah, but Jimmy's made his point, blah Mr. Potter wished he'd been killed blah. Mrs. Potter has no answer; she just simply looks down at her useless legs and wonders. Yawn.

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