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Dangerous Liaizzzzzzzons

Cop Shop. Sybil, accompanied by Detective Mike, Helen, and the ever-present Lucy, shuffles into the viewing side of the two-way mirror in preparation for taking a look at the line-up of possible rapists. Helen gives her patented "if you feel this is too much" speech. Sybil nods. Mike tells the other side to bring the men into the room. Sybil steps closer to the glass. A group of surly-looking guys files in and stands facing the two-way mirror. Mike asks number one to step forward. No. Step back. Number two is told to step forward. No. Step back. Number three. Uh! Wait. Sybil pauses. The music tells us it's him. She takes a deep breath. Helen prompts her to say something. But Sybil refuses to identify him. Then she freaks out a little and leaves the room. Detective Mike says he'll go and check on the poor woman. Helen: "She recognized him, Lucy." Lucy: "She must still be in trauma. It was probably too soon to do this." Honestly, Helen doesn't care. Blah the rape kit turned up nothing, blah the rapist was wearing a condom, and blah their case is going down the tubes blah. They need Sybil's identification to put the bad guy away. Lucy: "You didn't find any forensic evidence at all?"

Which, of course, cues the Not-Detective Mike on the stand to say, "We found three hairs in the victim's office, all belonging to the defendant." Kenny says that the defendant admits to being in the office in the past, of course. Well, NDM says that they interviewed the cleaning staff, and they told him that the floors are vacuumed every single night. Yeah, and they are so thorough that they pick up every single hair every single time. Right. This led the police to conclude that Katie had been in Potter's office the very same night he was murdered. Kenny wants to know if there is any other evidence pointing to this fact? Well, it's a good thing he asked, because the telephone records indicate that Mr. Potter called Katie forty minutes before the murder. Oh yeah, and the videotape, which was taken three minutes after the shot was heard. The video flashes over the screen. It's a poor quality black-and-white surveillance shot and you honestly can't tell if it's Katie or not, but it does look like her from behind. Jimmy is convinced. Kenny wants to know if there's any tape of this person going up the stairwell. NDM says no, because she probably went up the elevator. And wouldn't there be some sort of security there? It's late at night -- wouldn't this person, Katie or not, have had to sign in just to get into the building? And wouldn't the security guard have noticed her? Kenny: "It's likely this person went up the elevator and down the stairs?" Yes. Welcome to Redundancy 'R' Us. Yes. Blah can you tell how tall the person is from the tape, blah five feet four inches tall blah. Kenny: "How tall is the defendant?" Well, shockingly, she is just that height -- five feet four inches tall. Except if she were wearing boots, or heels, or any other kind of shoe that a person might wear. Because that might add, oh, two or three inches to her height. Did they take that into consideration? Of course not; they can't see her bloody feet in that image. Sigh.

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