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Dangerous Liaizzzzzzzons

The secretary is next on the stand for the prosecution. She describes how Katie would come into the office unannounced and demand to see Bernard. Again, Kenny asks the witness about Katie's demeanor, which was "hurt" and "upset." Necessarily meaning that she is guilty, because she was upset that her boyfriend broke up with her. Naw, that's not a normal reaction at all, now, is it?

The Client Room. Bobby, Jimmy, and Katie are standing around looking glum. Katie: "Why do you both look so doomed? We knew about this evidence." Rod insists that they aren't doomed. He holds his hands out like pancake batter spreading in a hot pan. Rod steps forward; he's got something on his mind: "Now Katie, if you went into that building that night. I'm not accusing you of the murder." He folds his hands together like a crêpe. "But if you went into that building at all I prefer that we admit it and deal with it." She insists that she did not go into the building. Rod looks at her intently. He apologizes, but he had to ask. She asks him to please not ask her again. Then Rod wants a second alone with the client. Why? Because he wants to admit he's got feelings for her. Over the last few months, well, he's taken a shine to her; he's grown fond of her. Blah he's very happily married, blah he's not making an advance, blah he loves his wife, blah his judgment could be coloured, blah feelings, whoa, whoa, whoa, feeeeeelings blah. Rod's all choked up: "The distrust you feel isn't so much for you as it is for my own objectiveness." Katie steps forward and asks if she needs to get a different lawyer. Rod says no. He can keep his feelings under wraps. He's a real man, blah.

Sybil's House. Lucy is there. She wants to know what happened with the line-up. Sybil explains that when she saw him, the thought of having to sit through the trial and look at him every day, well, she couldn't do it. Lucy: "You don't have to apologize for being afraid." Ah, it's not just fear. She's eighty-three, and she "hasn't many years to live." She doesn't want to spend them "embroiled" in a trial. Sybil thinks she could survive this best if she could forgive her attacker and move on. Lucy is wearing a sweater/jacket thing that looks like it came right out of Sybil's closet. And what the hell is up with wardrobe and those damn brooches? Lucy says, "Okay." She'll help anyway she can. Well, Lucy, you can get the guy to apologize. Now, that's no easy task, that's for sure. It's time to add another career to Lucy's ever-growing résumé: arbitrator for the newly created TP Victim's Association.

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