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Dangerous Liaizzzzzzzons

The Suffering County Courthouse. Another forensic scientist is on the stand. This one has been a police criminologist for eleven years. Kenny asks her about her "findings." Blah not a suicide blah. What psychological evidence led her to this conclusion? The Criminologist explains that in the days leading up to his death, Mr. Potter was very driven at work. He was productive, and he was meeting deadlines. "This kind of efficiency belies the notion of a man intending to end his life." Pause. "He was getting therapy and marital counseling. This again suggests that he was looking to heal, and to move ahead, not die." Oh, yeah, and he left no note. In her experience, people who kill themselves because they feel guilty always leave a note. Bobby climbs on his high horse for his cross. He says that there are cases where people, on the mend, do suddenly drop into darkness and kill themselves. It has been known to happen. The Criminologist says that those cases usually involved schizophrenic people. Bobby: "But it has been known to happen." Of course. Bobby quickly tries to shut her up. But The Criminologist wants to have her say. No. She's already answered the question. "No. I'm telling you I haven't finished." Rod looks perturbed. The Criminologist continues, "Is suicide possible here? Of course, anything's possible. But based on my seventeen years as a trained professional dealing with this very question I am adamant in my decision that this man was murdered." Katie looks a little upset herself. "It's not even a difficult call." Could Rod have not done something there? Interrupted her? Just dismissed her? Called her a hostile witness? Anything to stop her from flushing their case right down the tubes?

The Firm. It's been a hard day's pain. Katie is freaking out just a little bit. Okay, she's freaking out a lot. Understandably, their whole defense is based on Katie's word, and seeing as how she was committing adultery, that's not good, not good at all. "What if I get scared during my testimony?" Her voice rises. The tension wells up. "What if I can't remember?" She throws herself into Bobby's arms. Of course, Jimmy picks this exact moment to walk into the room, catching them in the most innocent hug ever. Please. Stop the music. It's making it seem like this is so much more than it truly is -- enough already. As if it weren't already hard enough to believe that Lindsay and Bobby are actually married without creating this fake oh-he's-in-love-with-his-client crap. Bobby springs into action: "Jimmy, tell Rebecca to re-visit the therapist. Tell him that privilege doesn't survive Potter's death." Jimmy reminds Rod that she's already done that. Rod doesn't care. He's in a fit of passion, yawn. Blah scream, blah re-visit, blah Potter was depressed, blah he's got to have something we can use, blah Rod wants him in the chair blah.

Whew. We all need a commercial break after that outburst.

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