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Suffering County Courthouse. Katie is on the stand. She explains that the break-up between her and Potter was very painful. She "doesn't deny that." Rod: "We've heard testimony that you repeatedly tried to change his mind. That you would show up at his office unannounced." She did. She was hurting. Rod: "In the days leading up to Bernard's death, did you notice any suicidal tendencies?" Well, the only strange thing was the phone call. About forty minutes prior to his death, he called, said he would never see her again, and then said goodbye. Katie explains that it seemed very odd, and that his voice sounded "slightly erratic." What did she do then? She tried to call him back, only the call never went through, and then the next thing she knows, she's told he's dead. Rod steps forward, establishing the "intense" part of the examination; we know this because The Exuberant Etude Of Examinations plays up a storm in the background. "Ms. Dafoe, did you go to Bernard Potter's building that night?" No. She absolutely did not. Did she go anywhere? No. Bobby: "You're sitting in this courtroom accused of murder." Katie: "I committed adultery with Bernard Potter, for which I am very much ashamed." Pause. Blah she feels guilty, blah she takes responsibility for what happened to his wife, blah she didn't kill him blah. She could never be capable of committing such a crime against anyone, especially someone that she loved.

Helen's Office. Lucy is telling Helen about her visit with Sybil. Hunky DA is in the background, checking out his fingertips. I'll bet he didn't know he'd be caught on camera. Heh. Lucy explains how Sybil really doesn't want the ordeal of a trial. Helen says that Sybil would only have to be there for her own testimony. Lucy: "But he'd be in the room, right?" Alan steps forward; his fingertips look fine, and he's ready to continue, I imagine: "And she wants him to apologize?" Rightfully, Helen is suspicious of ideas that come from Hunky DA. They get her office in some trouble. She asks, "What are you hatching up?" He replies, "We get that apology on tape and we don't need her I.D." He continues, "Go tell him he'll be made by the woman unless he apologizes." Lucy says, "Whoa. I'm a rape counselor, not a police agent." Wow. That's the first time Lucy has admitted she doesn't want to do something other than her job. I thought her job was to be all things to all people. Alan is snaky: "I think that your client would feel comforted if we can put the rapist in jail." Bingo.

Suffering County Courthouse. Kenny is cross-examining Katie. Right now, I sort of wish TP were South Park, where a strange but sudden explosion results in the patented "Hey! They've killed Kenny." Just so that I don't have to listen to this blah-dee-blah cross-examination for one second longer. Okay. Rant over. I'm ready to return to duty. Kenny: "So you just happened to get a very strange call from Bernard Potter just before his death." Katie's turn to use yes/no as a response: Yes. "Why are there no phone records?" Because the calls never went through. "Ever take lesson in how to shoot a gun?" Katie: Yes. When? About a month before Bernard got shot. Huh. Well, that seems suspicious, doesn't it? Katie says that lots of people learn to defend themselves. Flash. Up comes the video surveillance shot again. Kenny: "You say that isn't you." Katie asserts that it isn't. Blah the same overcoat blah. Lots of women have the same overcoat. Kenny: "What happened to yours? We couldn't find it?" Katie is flustered. She says she threw it out. Kenny doesn't accept this as a viable response. She just threw it out. She didn't give it to a friend. She didn't give it to the Goodwill. She just threw it out. Katie says yes again. Blah witness, blah recently wearing the coat, blah the coat couldn't be found after the murder blah. Oh, things are really not looking good for Katie-love and her Emperor.

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