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Dangerous Liaizzzzzzzons

Just outside the courtroom, Jimmy insists that they have to plead this case out. Rod asks Rebecca about the shrink. She doesn't think that it's worth it to call the shrink. Bobby: "I'm going to call him." Jimmy tells Rod that he can't just start winging it halfway through a trial. Even though Rebecca agrees with Jimmy, Rod still decides to call the shrink to testify.

Sybil's Place. Lucy explains the sting operation to the poor woman. She doesn't know. "It's totally your decision." Pause. "And I understand if you say no." Pause. Blah fear blah. This is the only way. She'll get her apology and she'll get to put him in jail. Sybil wants to make sure Lucy will be there every step of the way. Of course she will -- she could lose her job, because this "isn't exactly" what rape counselors are supposed to do, but higher justice calls, and Lucy's there to answer. Ah, bonding, blah.

Suffering County Courthouse. Against all odds, Bobby has gotten the shrink onto the stand. The shrink, of course, refutes the idea that his client was suicidal. But go Team Katie D-Fence, because Rod does get the shrink to admit that Bernard was having an affair with a third woman around the time of his murder. Rod asks, "Who?" The shrink says, "His secretary, Michelle Farrell." Michelle Farrell rolls her eyes. Damn. She didn't want to be found out. Wow. Bernard was a real womanizer, eh? Mrs. Potter looks behind her toward Michelle. Damn. I'll bet she didn't know about that either. Bobby: "When did Mr. Potter's affair with Ms. Farrell end?" Kenny objects, and is overruled. Bobby asks the question again. The shrink says about a week before his death, and Bobby thanks him. Kenny has no questions. Rod re-calls the secretary. Walsh wants some time, and the judge decides to break for the day.

Operation Sybil. Detective Mike reassures Lucy that if anything happens, he and his team will be in within three seconds. Lucy quips, "Okay. Well, I'll be out in three seconds so don't worry." She walks into a family-type restaurant and spies the rapist collecting dishes behind a counter. Lucy walks over to him and introduces herself. He pauses. "I'm a counselor for the elderly woman you raped." Macklin -- apparently, that's his name -- pretends to not know what Lucy is talking about. But she thinks he does understand, and continues on with her conversation: "She made you in a police line-up yesterday." Blah she's keeping it to herself, blah she's a Christian woman, blah she believes in forgiveness blah. Well, here's the plan -- Macklin's got to show up tomorrow afternoon and tell Sybil that he's sorry or else she'll go to the police. With that, Lucy leaves a stunned Macklin behind as she boots it out of that restaurant.

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