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Flashback in time -- picture two years prior, it's a different world. We open with Ellenor Frutt giving closing statements; she starts off with a good, strong statement: "There is no case, ladies and gentlemen." Then she takes a deep breath and launches into a whole speech about reasonable doubt, and we figure this episode has got to be old because Ellenor's wearing white. She never wears white. We learn that a couple of vice-squad cops noticed an alleged prostitute giving money to Kenny Tripp, their client, and "leaped" to the conclusion that Tripp's a pimp. I wonder what clued them in? Ellenor, in a fit of passion, places both her hands on the jury box and leans in: "Now what kind of evidence is that?" Cut to Stanford from Sex and the City who is slumming as DA Frank; he uses some big words to describe the hooker's occupation (just so we, the audience, are stunned by DEK's scintillating vocabulary) and the defendant's previous convictions. Stanford smirks to the jury and laughs aloud at the explanation given by the hooker: "The Dolphins didn't cover against the Patriots." See, she bet against the Dolphins and ended up owing Kenny. That's really what happened, none of this john-caught-with-his-pants-down stuff the prosecution is maintaining.

With the end of closing statements, Lindsay "I'm so perky" Doyle and Ellenor "I'm so jaunty" Frutt accompany their client out of the courtroom. Kenny "The Pimp" Tripp is yammering on about how he liked the DA's closing better than Ellenor's. "Look, this case is very circumstantial," Ellenor says as she stops to glance at some schedules on a bulletin board. "We have a very good shot, plus we have grounds for appeal, let's not forget that." Hey, Lindsay has yet to say a word, and I do like her better when her mouth's shut. The Pimp goes on to suggest his own defensive strategy; he wanted have "a girlfriend" there so she could look loving and caring in the eyes of the jury. This remark causes Lindsay to snap back into action with a smirk on her face and an annoying twinkle in her eye: "Well, we were limited by the fact that you don't have a girlfriend." Oddly, they are all smiling; apparently, they think Kenny's pretty cute. The Happy Gang meet Eugene in the hallway. He asks: "How'd it go?" The Pimp pipes up, "Great for the DA!" More smiles and gentle looks from the girls. "I gotta pee," Kenny says into Ellenor's ear, "They ain't going to follow me in there and give me a urine test, are they?" This season, all the clients are cheeky monkeys, but DEK hasn't decided to give everyone a strange sexual persuasion -- yet. They have sexual professions instead. "Think you're safe," Ellenor replies. Get this, everyone is still smiling when some totally hot, long-legged DA walks up and gushes, "Oh Eugene!" Eugene "The Man" Young smiles and turns around to face someone who is definitely not Helen Gamble -- thank goodness, this is a woman with some, but not much, meat on her bones. "Look, I got that file," she says. "You asked for the file!" Eugene banters. "You're damn right I did. The thought of beating you in court is just too much to resist." She throws a "hi Ellie" in there, and we learn her name is Renee. "But you won't bet me," Eugene says, because he's the best of the best, and oh how do we know it here in recap land. "All you've got is one eyewitness." They are throwing some sultry smiles at each other and the sexual tension is building. Renee whispers, "Well, we could bet again, couldn't we?" Hey, isn't that illegal and kind of insulting? "Same rider?" Gene asks. Renee agrees. Okay, I'm a little unnerved because they are all, including Lindsay, still smiling.

Lindsay and Ellenor walk around in front of Eugene so the camera doesn't have to move. In an actually human-type mode of contact, Lindsay is talking to her firm-mate with her hand on his shoulder. I'm telling you -- they never should have cut Lindsay's hair. With the bob, she lost all her recognizable human attributes; with longer hair, she's kind of feminine and human. ["I think it might be due more to the fact that she isn't nearly as skinny in this episode...was this one of the ones during her pregnancy?" -- Deborah] "Excuse me, did you just bet on the Maynard trial?" Eugene confirms that he did indeed place a bet on the Maynard trial. "I know you're excellent defending on robbers and you love cross-examining eye witnesses but --" Ellenor interrupts to warn Lindsay not to do what she's obviously going to do. Her counterpart lays the facts of the case on the table: they have an eyewitness who identified the robber as a man with one leg, who was also picked up hopping away three blocks from the scene with the victim's wallet. "Don't bet him!" Ellenor warns and everyone giggles. Lindsay's up to the challenge; she's in with the same rider. Eugene winks: "I'd just be taking your money!" They shake on it.

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