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Whoosh. Eugene's closing. Arguing that the prosecution's witness wants it to be the guy (but here's where we disagree -- the guy's guilty -- obviously, painfully, guilty). What are the chances? Of course she was going to conclude that it's Teddy, of course she'd describe the one-legged black man who robbed her, and instantly two other one-legged black men hop into the courtroom. The DA objects. The judge orders them up to sidebar. Teddy gives his friend the high five. Well, Eugene says disingenuously, it's not a stunt, Mr. Maynard is in an amputee support group and his friends came to his trial. He gets another deserved "yeah right" from Renee. The judge orders Gene to finish his closing with a sharp wave of his hands and a "now step back!"

Whoosh. You'd think after four years the editor might have gotten tired of the whoosh. Apparently not, because we still see so many damn whooshes per episode. Back at The Firm. Jimmy's arguing with Mr. Aggressive Lawyer. Jimmy wants a higher settlement because he's got more facts. Mr. Lawyer snaps back, oh yeah, what facts? Well, if you must know: "The facts are your guy bought a security dog, a dangerous instrument he took no steps to train or even learn about -- either he didn't know the risks of this animal, which makes him negligent, or he did, which makes him reckless -- your pick." "So, $200,000?" the lawyer responds, only to be cut off by Jimmy saying he's not quite done with his facts: "This was preventable. Dogs like this need to be socialized; this one wasn't. Dogs [every time Jimmy says "dog," it comes out "dawg"] like this need to be taught submissive behaviour, this one wasn't. Dogs like this should be fed low protein, this one wasn't. If he chooses to dispense with these precautions, fine, it's his choice -- he takes the risk, but if he's going to go to a park, a children's park, and hit on women and not even pay attention when he knows a child is not even two feet from his security Rottweiler -- he puts the child at risk too. She lost her face. He got a phone number and a couple of dinner dates. That's what the jury's going to hear." Huh. Mr. Aggressive Lawyer doesn't look impressed: "Is that right?" Yeah, that's right. You go, Lump. "$200,000 -- nothing less." Mr. Aggressive Lawyer heads out the door to see Frick and Frack standing in the doorway listening into their conversation. They grumble and Jimmy shuts them out to continue his conversation. He makes an alternative offer -- he'll lower the actual settlement in exchange for the doctor using his connections to fix the girl's face - at whatever the cost. "$150,000 and a smile." That's his final offer.

The scene moves outside into the general office area. Rebecca's on the phone with Eugene, and Bobby's complaining that he could have just waited there for the verdict. They grumble about whether or not Eugene should be there and end up deciding to start their meeting anyway. First, Bobby says he'll represent both of them at the disbarment hearing. Lindsay's wearing an awful vest and thinks that she should get independent counsel. Yes, yes! screams Ragdoll, because maybe then she'd meet someone else and never get engaged to the damn fellow. Anyway, Bobby then wants Ellenor to clear the air about the whole "spirit of the firm" thing that made her cry yesterday, and she says, "We bend, we fold, we mutilate; it's like our motto." He asks if Lindsay agrees, and she does; Jimmy doesn't know if he'll agree or not. Lindsay starts on her rah-rah "what we could be" speech, foreshadowing the disaster to come, and argues that they are the lawyers who end up making lawyers look bad. They discuss the merits of streamlining their clientele. Maybe it's Bobby who likes it in the trenches? Lindsay wants to know, so that if they want to get out of this kind of lawyering, they can. Be honest, Bobby. There's some Introspective Music.

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