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Dog Bite

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Dog Bite

Courthouse. Shockingly, the jury finds dopey Teddy Maynard not guilty. That's enough of that.

McCall's pub. Okay, Continuity Issue #365: Jimmy was just arguing the case in the morning, and Eugene got his verdict while they were still having their meeting -- In. The. Morning. How'd Renee and Eugene end up at the pub? Better yet, how'd it end up nighttime so darn fast? Renee makes a pass at Eugene. He refuses, but smiles a whole lot; she's kind of embarrassed, kisses him on the cheek, and leaves. There's some tension that we know doesn't go anywhere and we get a break as we cut to the final commercials.

The end of the episode finds an astounded Mrs. Stevenson exclaiming, "I don't believe it!" as Jimmy lets her know that they were awarded the hundred and fifty grand and a smile. She ecstatically agrees to the deal and rushes into the basement to tell her daughter. A satisfied client to start the new firm on their new rise to credibility. Warm fuzzies fly all around. Bobby gives Jimmy some props for his humanity: "Good job. You know exactly what this [firm] is all about." Fade to black.

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