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Dog Bite

The elevator dings and we see a short, black, one-legged man hopping with a cane down the hall. "Am I late?" he squeaks. "Cutting it close, Teddy," Eugene answers. This short man starts telling a tall tale about someone trying to get into the Courthouse carrying a staple gun. Renee walks up behind them wondering if they're going to get into court, and again with the whole smiling thing, and Teddy tries to pick up the DA, rambling on about how he's out on bail and allowed to date. Eugene just grabs Teddy's jacket and literally throws him, cane and all, into the courtroom.

Finally, we get to the credits. Oh, and Helen's missing. Which makes ragdoll do the Irish jig around her living room -- a show without Helen "Stone Cold" Gamble is a show worth recapping. ["Ragdoll has all the luck." -- Deborah] Maybe. Okay, well, maybe not. I always have hope.

The Firm, before it was "The Firm." Jimmy and Bobby are walking through the office which is conspicuously dirty, there are files everywhere, and it desperately needs a coat of paint. Jimmy "The Lump" Berluti is following Bobby "True Grunts" Donnell and complaining about being given a dog-bite case as his first assignment as a member of the firm. As he pours himself a cup of coffee, the King of Condescension says, "A lot of our cases are small, Jimmy [yeah, right -- whatever, Bobby!]. It may not go to the Supreme Court but I take it seriously." The Lump grumps about his sinuses from all the dust on the file. True Grunt gripes back: "Can you just cover the deposition, please." Rebecca is lurking in the background with a pencil and a clipboard. "Dog bite." Jimmy waves the file at her and walks away.

Cut to the elevator. The camera sits behind a man who is looking at the back of Lindsay. "Ah, excuse me, ah --" Lindsay turns around with a startled look on her face. "This is completely out of line, but you're a very beautiful woman." Oh, puh-lease, could he have thought of a better line than that? He could have even used my personal favourite: "I never believed in love at first sight until I set my eyes on you." Lindsay smirks and scrunches up her face: "Do I know you?" Mr. Pickup Line says, "Oh no. That came from nowhere, sorry." She turns back around to face the front of the elevator, but he keeps on talking: "Hey, you guys have nothing to worry about. They aren't going to convict your client." Again with the smile -- Lindsay points behind her for some reason and says, "Oh, you were in the courtroom." Mr. Pickup shrugs his shoulders: "So much for you noticing me I guess. I'm on the jury." White as a ghost, smile wiped right off her face, Lindsay "By the Book" Doyle starts to hiss and freak out all over the place, punching the buttons, screaming, "Let me out, get me off this damn thing, let me out!" Actually, she simply turns around, looks intent and says, "I'm sorry. I can't talk to you." The music comes up and leaves the lawyer stuck in the elevator, pondering her inability to recognize members of her own freaking jury.

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