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The Firm. Just to ensure continuity, Lindsay's still wearing her coat as she barges into Bobby's office with Ellenor hot on her heels. And just so we know how serious this really is, the freaking music is still playing, albeit louder and more intrusively than it was in the elevator. With the camera tight on both women's faces, Ellenor asks, "What exactly did he say?" Lindsay responds with some cryptic DEK dialogue: "Exactly what I said he said." She continues, "There's no way that he'll be convicted." Ellie: "And what exactly did you say?" Lindsay: "Nothing. I told him I couldn't talk to him." Which, apart from her screaming "let me out, please, please let me out," is pretty much true. She starts to worry herself now and begins to ramble, slightly incoherently, "But it's still a communication. I had a communication with a juror. I gotta go to the judge." Here's where they start to devise this devious little plan to keep the communication to themselves. Technically, under the rules, they have a mistrial. The lead counsel goes on about how unfair it is to The Pimp to have to start the proceedings all over again. ["Cry me a river." -- Deborah] After Ellenor starts talking around the issue a little more, Little Miss Priss gets this totally self-important look on her face and says, "What are you suggesting? That we don't tell?" Oh. My. God? Kelli Williams' years as a Valley Girl have trained her well for that look. "It's not like the process has been tainted." Ellenor retorts, "It's not like we were trading on information." Lindsay continues to look like Ellenor has slapped her in the face as Ellenor asks her, "Did you try to influence him in any way?" Well, that was the wrong question: "Of. Course. Not." Lindsay really said nothing. As soon as she learned he was a juror, she shut him down. Because the whole "you are a beautiful woman" wouldn't have caused her to a) bring up her lunch or b) shut him down anyway. Ellenor's strategy is not to tell; as the music plays, and as Lindsay cries her name, the other lawyer leaves the room and shuts the door. Oh, and Lindsay's still standing there looking puritanical. Like she's never broken the rules before. Yeah, right. It's not like Lindsay actually has integrity -- this is The Practice, remember!

Courtroom. We get a ceiling-cam shot of Renee the DA leading the robbery witness through her testimony. The woman had just left the bank machine when the defendant, literally, hopped up to her. "Had you ever seen this man before, Ms. Bancock?" Renee asks. Well, she had. She had passed him on the sidewalk where he was begging for change. "Did you give him any money?" No, apparently, it's not her practice to give money to panhandlers. The witness is wearing a string of pearls and a plaid jacket. Well, when she refused to give him the money, he threatened her: "He said if I refused, he would knock me down and then hop up and down on my head." Okay, I've seen the defendant, and I've seen the witness, and the man with one leg is simply not threatening. Not even remotely. Anyway, Teddy ended up snatching her wallet right out of her hands and went "bounding" down the street. "Did you see him again?" inquires the DA. Yes, she responds, she saw him the next morning in the police lineup: "He was just standing there. Like a flamingo." At this instant, the DA points over to Teddy: "Ms. Bancock, are you absolutely sure that is the man?" She repeats her original testimony. Of course she's sure; she'd recognize him anywhere.

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