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Courtroom hallway. Ellenor and Lindsay are still debating whether or not they should go to the judge about Lindsay's encounter with the studly-minded juror. Technically, Ellenor knows it's a mistrial, but it would be worse if they were doing something with the information, and they aren't; technically (and she uses the word again) they're waiting for verdict. "Ellenor!" The opposing DA walks up to her. "Hey Frank, how's it going?" she asks. "Weak-kneed," he responds and crosses his arms in front of her. Okay, I'm not one for patterns, but why the hell are all the male DAs on this show about four feet tall? I mean really, this fellow is a midget next to Ellenor, and I don't honestly think that Camryn Manheim is that tall. ["I think she's about five feet, ten inches." -- Deborah] Anyway, Frank continues, "You plead guilty. I'll offer six months." What? "On Tripp. What? You look as if you've seen a ghost. This is like a gift, six months. You should be jumping on that." Well, as the two women continue to stare at Frank like nobody's business, they're obviously not thrilled at the deal on the table because they're feeling great about the trial. As he walks away, Frank suggests they take it to their client, because something tells him that The Pimp will dance. The Irish Jig. "Great," says Lindsay, Queen of Pain-In-The-Ass Pretension, as they walk out of the shot.

The Firm. Rebecca brushes past as Jimmy talks with the mother of the young girl whose face was bitten by the doctor's dog. "Mr. Donnell said that this would settle." She sounds worried. "It will," Jimmy reassures her, "there's no way they're going to bother over small potatoes like this. They'll settle." We see a small blonde girl sitting near by with her head bent down. "And why isn't Mr. Donnell bothering to do these depositions?" Way to make Jimmy feel good, lady. "Well. He's got a big murder trial starting next week, and he didn't want to make you feel shortchanged so he put me on this case." The mother's not convinced. Jimmy leans down to speak with the little girl. "Susan, honey --" The girl's face is badly scarred; a deep cut above the lip has disfigured almost her entire left cheek. It is extremely noticeable and Jimmy is quite visibly taken aback. "Hi. My name's Jim. I'm just going to ask you some questions about what happened. Nothing hard. This should be easy. Okay?" Susan looks him in the eye and says okay. "I'll be right beside you the whole time." Okay.

Fade to commercial. Ragdoll's still doing the jig because in these older episodes Lindsay's not marrying Bobby, there's no Helen, and best of all, there's no Richard Bay. ["Sweet." -- Deborah]

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