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Dog Bite

We're back in Judge Stevens's courtroom where Lindsay, Ellenor, and Kenny the Pimp are awaiting the verdict. The judge is asking in the background whether the jury has reached a verdict; Lindsay and Ellenor continue to bicker about the juror. "On the matter of the Commonwealth vs. Kenny Tripp on the charge of 3213, operating prostitution services for fee -- we find the defendant guilty!" Everyone's astounded. The dramatic "Oh My Gosh What A Shocking Turn Of Events" Overture starts up. Lindsay looks horrified, and she looks over at Mr. Pick-Up Line, who's quite smug, as if to say, "Well, isn't that something." As they haul Kenny off, he whispers, "I thought you said it was coming back NG?" He's obviously upset, hissing at Ellenor's advice to look surprised: "Well, how surprised is this?" His lawyer tells him to be quiet, not to talk to anyone, she'll be right back to talk with him. Lindsay, fulfilling her super-bitch quota for the episode, snarls at Ellenor, "Now what? Huh? What's the plan?" Ellenor lets out a huge stressed-out sigh and turns away from her associate. We cut to commercials. I feel bad for Ellenor, working so hard, actually caring about her client, and then getting stuck with this big, ugly mess. ["I love her, but is she ever a sucker." -- Deborah]

Camera comes up on Judge Stevens, Lindsay, and Ellenor, and they're sitting in her chambers. The "plan" must have been to spill the beans -- I can only imagine what's in store for the two lawyers who tried to keep jury communication under wraps. "You want to repeat that?" the judge says. "It won't sound any better," Ellenor suggests. Judge Stevens still wants Ellenor to repeat what she said, just to be sure she didn't hear wrong. "A juror told us they were acquitting. We told the client. The client turned down a plea bargain because of this information." The judge gives Ellenor an awful look and asks why she shouldn't throw the two of them in jail. "Your Honour, we didn't come in here to defend ourselves. We came in here to say that Kenny should not be penalized for our misconduct. Throw us in jail -- not Kenny." Lindsay is quiet during much of the questioning, allowing Ellenor to be grilled by the judge, who asks, "Just for my own education -- why on earth would you take such a risk for this client? Is he related by blood?" Ellenor says that they just found it unfair that the client had to suffer simply because one juror has a big mouth. Judge Stevens isn't impressed, even as Ellenor humbly announces, "It's obvious we've made a considerable misjudgment." Even Lindsay pipes up, starting to say something about the client, but the Judge interrupts and states emphatically that she's not overturning the verdict: "Your client participated in this dishonesty, and I'm certainly not going to reward him for it. The guilty verdict stands." Ellie sighs and places her forehead in her left hand. The judge continues: "So as not to punish him unduly for the blatant and illegal action of his attorneys, I'll sentence him to six months. The same term the DA was offering." Ellenor whispers "thank you." But that's not all -- here's the kicker to end all kickers from the judge: "The two of you. I'll be referring you to the board of bar overseers, and I'll be recommending immediate disbarment." Bom, bom, the music crashes as we see a look of horrific disbelief on Lindsay's face. Oh, she's been so wronged in her short prime-time life, hasn't she? Ellenor stutters, "Don't you, don't you think that's a little severe?" This incredibly crusty judge seemingly doesn't think so, and with a short "that's all" she dismisses the two of them from her chambers.

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