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Suffering County Holding Area. Jimmy "The Lump" Berluti and Lindsay "Married to the Rod" Dole are sitting at the table. Their client, Miguel, is standing in front of them, screaming, "How can this be happening!" Jimmy slaps his hand in a faux karate-chop motion on the table as he explains that the victim's wife has identified him and that the D.A. is going to listen to her. He goes on to explain that when an alibi is provided by a fiancée, the D.A. tends not to believe her story. Miguel's fiancée looks over at her beloved. There are tears in her eyes. Yawn. Lindsay pipes up, "We need to talk about the plea deal." Miguel starts screaming in Spanish. His fiancée asks him to calm down. Miguel: "You believe I'm innocent?" Jimmy rolls out the patented "it's not important what we believe" bullcrap. Miguel blah important to me blah. Lindsay insists that they believe him. This seems to calm Miguel down, and he asks quietly, "The deal the D.A. offered, it's eleven years, right?" Christina refuses to let him even think about accepting the deal. Lindsay: "Miguel. I think we can win this. I really do. Are you still with me?" Does DEK ever get tired of using the same dialogue week after week after week? Okay. Yes. He's ready to fight. The Practice has become a breeding ground for guest stars from Band of Brothers. First Hunky D.A. shows up on the roster, and now the young actor who is playing Miguel also played Antonio Garcia in the HBO miniseries. Thanks to detour for pointing that out in the forums. I never would have noticed.

Helen's Office Of Spousal/Parental/Prosecution Witness Pain. Emily, the wife of the victim, stands up and whines, "What do you mean you can't win?" Helen stands up too. She insists that she didn't say they wouldn't win, but that a guilty verdict would be difficult in this case. Emily insists that she was there and that she knows who and what she saw that night. Helen explains that eyewitness testimony "isn't a lock," especially when it's the only factor in a case. "What are you suggesting?" Helen wants to throw the defense another bone: Lindsay et al. turned down eleven years; she'd like to go back with eight. The wife is totally offended. Blah dee blah eight years, blah dee blah murder, blah dee blah my husband's life, blah dee blah worth more blah. Helen: "Emily. It's not about measuring your husband's life. It's about ensuring that the man who shot him goes to prison." Emily wants him in prison forever. Because forever is a reasonable request. Blah. Helen says, "Okay. I said I'd let it be your call." They are going to F-I-G-H-T. Go team!

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