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A wolf in sheep's clothing

Chambers. The door slams and Ellenor screams, "He's lying." Mitchell tries to deny it, and they start bickering. Then he tells her he's going to sue for defamation of character. Ellenor: "Go ahead and sue me, Mitchell!" Kittleson takes the high road, saying, "I'm not about to get into this." Mitchell counters by slinging a little mud toward Ellenor's side of the room: "You should get into this. This is one stunt too many for this firm!" The judge doesn't take kindly to Wheeler running off at the mouth, and tells him to shut the hell up. Then Judge Beautiful makes her decision; she pulls Wheeler off the case and tells both of them to let the whole mess die. Ellenor doesn't want to let the matter die; she's pissed. The judge throws Mitchell out of chambers. He leaves, but he's pissed too.

Once he's gone, Ellenor insists that she's telling the truth, and the judge says she's inclined to believe her. Again, Kittleson advises the lawyer to let the matter drop. Again, Ellenor protests. This time, Kittleson gives an explanation -- Wheeler's reputation is "far superior" to Ellenor's. The judge continues, "Truth be told, there's been a little gossip in this halls about your romantic desperation." Ellenor's face drops almost to the floor. Her mouth is wide open. "You dated a serial killer who liked to dress up as a nun. You don't think the clerks and district attorneys had some fun with that?" Ellenor asks if a few judges had some fun as well. Kittleson ignores this to continue her lecture: blah firm famous for stunts, blah client, and blah facing ten years blah. Ellenor: "And you think I'd resort to making up this kind of story!" I'd add a few more exclamation marks, but it would look more like a comic book than a recap -- put them there in your mind, okay? Kittleson says that Mitchell's credibility is stronger than Ellenor's, and if they play he-said she-said, Mitchell is certain to come out on top. Damn. Oh, and then Kittleson decides to humiliate Ellenor just that little bit more when she says, "He's also a good-looking man." Ellenor: "Meaning?" Oh, don't forget, The Sexual Symphony serenades Ellenor through her indignation. Kittleson: "Meaning let it drop and don't do any more cases with him." Ellie grabs her briefcase and leaves the office.

Suffering County Courthouse. Rev. Crane is on the stand. The gallery has been cleared, and so has the jury box. Right now, the only people in the courtroom are the judge, the witness, the defendant, and the defense attorneys. Oh, and the court reporters too. The judge orders Rev. Crane to testify. He refuses. Blah higher power blah. The judge responds by saying that the Lord can't throw him in a jail cell. Heh. Lindsay starts asking questions: "Leaving aside identity. Did a man come to you and confess to killing Trevor Coyne?" Again, the Reverend refuses to say anything. He throws a mini-temper tantrum about his own damn privilege. The judge again steps in: "Obviously you've agonized over what the right thing is to do here." Blah don't tell me who, blah answer the question, blah confession blah. After a poignant silence underlined by the Reverend's own musical interlude, he says, "Yes. I received such a confession." Did the confessor give any details? Now, the minister refuses to give any more details. And he leaves the courtroom. Lindsay wants to put him on the stand. The judge refuses. Blah hearsay blah, blah totem pole privilege, blah no right to reveal what they told him blah. The judge won't allow him to take the stand. Good. Because no one has made any effort to check out the minister's story. They're all just taking him on his word. Jimmy jumps up and shouts, "Your Honour, somebody else confessed to the crime and the jury doesn't get to know about it!" That's correct, and then the judge smacks Jimmy down by reminding him about the whole boy/aneurysm/privilege issue from a couple of episodes ago. The defense is noticeably upset at the judge's decision. Oh, please -- did they honestly expect him to go for it?

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