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A wolf in sheep's clothing

Suffering County Courthouse. Ellenor and Helen are walking down the hall. Ellenor says she's telling the truth. Helen says the whole episode just doesn't sound like Mitchell Wheeler. When Ellenor starts whining, Helen tells her twice that she believes her; then she says she'll get hold of the case and make a fair deal. She can't promise six months, but she'll do what she can. Ellenor says okay, and Helen leaves. As Ellenor walks down the hall, the elevator dings, and out comes Mitchell, the man of the hour, a man whom we've never seen or heard of before this episode, but one that Ellenor just can't stop running into. Yawn. He tries to walk by, but Ellenor has to have the last freaking word. "You know, Mitchell," she says, "the first thing you did was unethical, but accusing me, that was despicable." And just when you think things can't get any worse, Mitchell takes an even bigger step toward Asshole Of The Year: "Ellenor. You really need to get some help." With the ease of a garter snake on a hot summer day, he slithers away. Again, Ellenor stands there with her mouth wide open. She just can't catch a break.

Miguel's Trial. Jimmy has Miguel up on the stand, explaining why he hid in the closet. He honestly thought there were drug dealers at Christina's door. Apparently, he owes some money because he uses from time to time. And dude doesn't have enough cash to pay for his infrequent drug use? Please. But this is the story they are going with. Blah the night of the murder, blah I was home, blah movie, blah I was home. Jimmy: "Do you own a gun?" No. He's never even fired a gun before.

It's Helen's turn: "You don't just use from time to time, you have a drug problem?" It's under control. "But you use." Very rarely. Helen says, "You robbed a liquor store once, isn't that right?" Miguel explains that that was six years ago and he didn't use a gun. Did he lose his job three weeks prior to the shooting? Yes. Can anyone account for his alibi other than Christina? No. Except, again, the video store clerk, someone in the elevator on the way up to his apartment, the neighbour who might have heard the movie, and so on and so forth. Yawn.

Helen's Office. Emily Coyne is sitting with Helen, who is talking about the whole minister/congregant situation. The D.A. insists that the reverend has no real reason to lie. Emily replies, "Are you now doubting me?" Helen: "I'm asking you: Are you sure?" Blah eyewitness, blah affected by trauma, blah unsure blah. Emily insists that she remembers her attacker's face. They run through the whole "eyewitness testimony is shaky" rigmarole for the three thousandth time this episode. Emily says, "He's it. He's the one."

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