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A wolf in sheep's clothing

Miguel's Trial. We cut directly to Lindsay's closing statements, where she of course denies that Miguel committed the crime. Blah facial hair, blah no physical evidence, blah no forensics, blah somebody else killed Trevor Coyne blah. Helen's closing statement rests entirely on the fact that Emily knows it was Miguel. Blah circumstantial evidence, blah shady past blah. Helen's eye make-up in this scene looks like it was applied three weeks ago -- it's that smudged. I am amazed she can even keep her eyes open, there is so much crap caked on the poor things. Does Tammy Faye run a school for this sort of thing? It makes LFB look about ten years older than she actually is -- I mean, I'm sure her "party girl" lifestyle will catch up with her at some point, but come on, do they have to accelerate the trashy-actress-on-the-outs look with her make-up? So, yeah, blah eyewitness, blah saw the whole thing, blah it's all you need.

The Firm. Ellenor is working on a laptop in the conference room. Rebecca The Martyr comes in, exclaiming, "So, it's all going to work out." Her co-worker explains that Helen now has custody of the case and they'll work out a better deal. Rebecca: "So that's great?" Ellenor responds by saying, "Yup." Only Ellenor isn't thrilled, because she lost a good friend this week. Yeah, and she didn't get any, either. Rebecca: "Is that all there is?" Ellenor doesn't like not being believed. Rebecca thought Kittleson was inclined to believe Ellenor's story. That's not enough, to be "inclined" -- Ellenor thinks that because she's "the fat girl" and Mitchell Wheeler is a good-looking man, no one flat-out believes what happened. Rebecca tries to placate her friend, "Oh, it isn't that, Ellenor!" Except it's that exactly. Ellenor: "Why would a man like Mitchell Wheeler make a pass at me? It's exactly that." Blah Kittleson, blah romantic desperation, blah gossip, blah baby, sperm donor blah had no choice. Ellenor says, "It couldn't possibly be because I wanted to be a single parent." Rebecca responds, "Well, before you spend the rest of your day feeling sorry for yourself, remember you did get a good result for the client." Only Ellenor's not placated; she insists that Rebecca's attitude is another bigotry that she faces, that "fat girls" just sit around feeling sorry for themselves. Hell, Ellenor's not feeling sorry for herself; she's damned mad. She's beyond mad; she's fuming, steam coming out of her ears and seeing red all over the place. With no more vacant platitudes on hand, the only response Rebecca can muster is a semi-smile with a nod. You go, Ellenor. You be pissed. You've got every right.

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