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A wolf in sheep's clothing

Suffering County Client Room. Miguel and Christina are praying together. Yawn. Could this be anymore contrived? Honestly. Give me a freaking break. There is a knock at the door. The jury is back.

Courtroom. The forewoman stands. She reads the verdict. Emily purses her lips. They find him guilty. The Reverend looks upset. Christina cries. The judge looks to the defendant and tries to end the trial, but changes his mind and overturns the verdict. He sets Miguel free. Lindsay and Jimmy look pleased. Emily cries. Christina and Miguel embrace. Helen puts her hand on her head in a gesture of utter disbelief. Puh-lease. The entire episode has been pointing us to the obvious conclusion that eyewitness testimony is unreliable. You all know what that means. Yup. You know it's coming. The Plot Twist.

Men's Room. Miguel looks at himself in the mirror. He just can't believe what's happening. Jimmy comes in, and Miguel says, "It's not right for a man to cry. I had to come in." Ah, he's a saint, that Miguel, right? Blah comfort blah. Miguel: "One day I will repay you, Mr. Berluti!" They embrace. In comes the Reverend and rails on Jimmy, blah you betrayed me, blah duty blah. Oh, what a speech -- fire and brimstone, burn in hell, betrayed a man of the cloth, rain down some sulfur, betrayal and blah. Jimmy leaves the restroom. He meets Lindsay outside, who says that Miguel still has to check with probation before he can leave the courthouse. Jimmy of course goes back into the bathroom, where he finds Miguel and the Reverend in a one hell of an embrace. Which is just so utterly ridiculous that I'm almost embarrassed to type it. The Lump says, "Oh my God!" The two men break apart. Jimmy says again, "Oh my God! There was no congregant who confessed, was there!" Pause. Guilty looks on both Reverend Crane and Miguel. Jimmy continues, "You need to check with probation before you can go." Miguel says okay and leaves the bathroom, offering no explanation. The ridiculous quasi-Western-movie-showdown stares from Jimmy to the minister and back again, touching upon the moral outrage felt by each man, end this farce of an episode. So, do you think that Miguel actually killed the guy?

Next week on The Practice: Bull from Band of Brothers guest stars as Bobby's client. He's got a serious problem. He tried to rip off a drug dealer he thought was an independent, only it turns out he ran with the big boys. Bull wants Bobby to go to the police if he ends up dead. The Emperor consults with Eugene; he's got to go to the police, only he can't because of -- you guessed it -- privilege. Lindsay asks Helen for a favour. She wants a DNA test for a man convicted of rape over seven years ago.

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