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Ah. The credits. Why do they even bother dropping the darling Ron Livingston in them anyway? He's barely a guest star on his own damn show. Another episode without him makes my life as a recapper very bleak. I'm trying not to cry. Sniffle. Snort. Sniffle.

Jailhouse. Ellenor is in a holding cell with Maynard, her client of the week. He looks like a cross between Donnie Wahlberg and a dark-haired Matt Damon. Maynard is wearing prison greys. Ellenor yells, "You promised me you'd stop shoplifting!" He answers, "I didn't boost nothing! I'm innocent this time." Ellenor insists that he was picked up with the stereo in his coat. Apparently, this was a present for his mother's birthday. Oh, okay, stealing for someone else makes all the difference. Dude, you need some schooling in logic. "How can it be stealing if it's for someone else?" Come on, he gave it back. Man. What is he looking at? Ellenor explains that they're charging him under the Common and Notorious Thief Statute. "Is that bad?" It's very bad. It gets even worse because the music decides to be notorious too -- notoriously annoying. Ellenor explains that the penalties go "way up." Ellenor wants to try to plead the case out with the D.A.. They have a good relationship, and maybe Ellenor can get him six months. Maynard is stunned as he repeats, "Six months?" The lawyer insists that if they lose at trial, he could get twenty years, and she doesn't know how they can win. With his head in his hands, Maynard shakes his head. After a long, long pause, he looks up at Ellenor and agrees with the strategy to plead this one out if they can.

Suffering County Courthouse. A detective who is not Mike is on the stand. He's holding a pointer. A picture from a surveillance camera that has been blown up and pasted to cardboard sits beside the DNM. He holds the pointer and explains, "This is an hour before the murder. The store is a block away." Blah the suspect was described as a male, Hispanic, in his twenties blah. Apparently, the cops used credit card receipts to track the suspect down. Huh? So he used his credit card at the crime scene? If so, he deserves to go to jail for being a dumb-ass. Any. Way. Helen asks the detective if the suspect is in the room. Blah identify Miguel blah. "Then what happened?" Well, they interviewed Miguel, weren't convinced his alibi would hold up, and had him stand in a line-up for Mrs. Coyne. Then they arrested Miguel for the murder of Trevor Coyne.

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