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A wolf in sheep's clothing

Cut to Jimmy stating that the line-up was a full two months after the incident. Make a note of this, people; it's relevant when we put DEK on trial for his never-ending crimes against continuity. "And before the line-up you told Mrs. Coyne you had a suspect, is that right, Detective?" Correct again. Jimmy thinks it's likely that Mrs. Coyne had an indication that they had the "right" man in custody. Helen objects. The judge sustains. Jimmy tosses some study about the manipulation of witness identification into the mix. The detective is aware of the study. Ah, welcome to the theme of the week: eyewitness testimony. What have we learned thus far: that it's unreliable, that there are various studies proving it, and that it makes The Firm's case that much easier to win. Jimmy blathers on about some law school study where sixty-five of seventy-seven wrongful convictions overturned in the last decade resulted from eyewitness mistakes. Helen objects again. Blah Jimmy is testifying blah. Again, the judge sustains the objection. Jimmy takes it all in stride and carries on with his cross-examination. Blah no physical evidence, blah no murder weapon, no fingerprints, no DNA, nothing blah. The detective answers this "question" by saying no, they do not have any of those things. The Lump makes the "V-for-victory" sign and sits back down.

Outside the courtroom, Lindsay and Jimmy confer. The Lump doesn't think the cop hurt their case too badly. Lindsay insists that it's the eyewitness (in case anyone hadn't guessed the theme-with-a-capital-T of this episode yet) who might give the defense some problems. A minister walks up behind the two defense attorneys and grabs their attention. He explains that he's a court buff and wants to know if they'll win their case. Lindsay says, "I'm sorry. You are?" He answers, "Michael Crane. I'm a minister with the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica Plain." Apparently, Rev. Crane loves monitoring big cases, especially homicides. Sheesh. I guess ministering his flock leaves him with a lot of spare time to sit around courtrooms watching lawyers. Not to mention the fact that no one has seen him around before. So, sure, he's a court buff, and I'm the Number One Fan of The Practice. Yawn. Finally, he gets down to it: Do they think they'll get an acquittal? Lindsay smirks in that "someone has just asked me an uncomfortable question" way, and then she says, "We don't generally discuss our cases with anyone." Of course, the Rev stutters, and then he wishes them good luck before walks away.

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