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A wolf in sheep's clothing

The Firm. Ellenor is standing behind her desk. Emperor Rod, Eugene, and Rebecca are all standing in a semi-circle around her. Lucy is fiddling about with some books, pretending to be working. Rod: "He offered it like that?" I guess Ellenor told them what Mitchell propositioned. She explains how he said he'd be especially fair, and Eugene cuts in, "If you had sex." Lucy quips, "How was it?" No one looks amused, least of all me. Yawn. The phone rings. Ellenor: "What should I do?" Rod states defiantly that she can't take the deal. Ellenor snaps, "Thank you. Besides that sterling tip." Rebecca chimes in that she had a case with Mitchell once, and that he didn't ask her for sex. Heh. Maybe Rebecca's not his type. Rod: "How did you leave it?" Ellenor explains that she was so stunned that she just walked out of his office and didn't say anything. Eugene advises she make sure Mitchell understands that she didn't accept the offer. Immediately, Ellenor looks over to Lucy and asks her to call Mitchell. She doesn't have to -- he was just on the phone, and he's on his way over to The Firm.

Suffering County Courthouse. Christina, Miguel's fiancée, is on the stand. She's providing an alibi. Blah they rented Big, blah they took the bus back to her house; blah they were there all night blah. Was Miguel always there? Yes, the whole time, she swears. Good job, Jimmy.

Helen asks, "You're engaged to the defendant?" That's correct. "And you love him very much." Yes. Blah we all know where's she's going with this blah. Would you lie to protect him? No. Apparently, Christina called her cousin the night of the murder to see if she wanted to have dinner together, because her fiancé was not going to be home. Only Miguel came home unexpectedly. The disbelief drips from Helen's voice as she asks, "Did anyone else besides you see him at your apartment that evening between the hours of eight and eleven?" Okay. Christina just said that they went together and rented a video. Wouldn't the cops or even the defense have checked this story out? Someone would have seen or not seen Miguel at the video store. Someone would have seen or not seen Miguel on the bus as they were going back to their apartment, right? This is silly. Any. Way. Helen continues with her cross, because this other crap that DEK has made up is so much more interesting than creating a story with realistic plot developments. Yawn. Blah the police showed up on the night in question, Miguel hid the in the closet blah. Okay, again, did Jimmy not bring up the fact that it was two months before they actually brought Miguel in for a line-up? So, the cops figured it was Miguel right away, but waited for two months to hold a line-up for Mrs. Coyne? Damn. It drives me nuts when the continuity is off from one testimony to the other. Does DEK not make enough money that he can hire a freaking proofreader? One who can read through a script and say, "Hey! This makes no sense, we'd better change it." Honestly. Any. Way. The Melody Of Hidden Agendas tweaks away in the background as Christina explains that Miguel thought it was other people coming to get him for a different reason. She thought it would look bad if the cops knew he was hiding in the closet, so she told them no one else was at home. Helen: "So. You lied." Yes. She shouldn't have, but she did. Helen: "But you're not lying today?" Correct again. It's not looking good for Miguel. Christina was less than unequivocal her own damn self.

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