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A wolf in sheep's clothing

Suffering County Client Room. Lindsay sits down beside Jimmy, who faces the young couple. Lindsay explains that she thinks they're going to need to call Miguel to the stand. He thought that was dangerous. Lindsay: "Christina, you didn't come off so credibly then. And we have to account for why you jumped in the closet." He was hiding from dealers. Lindsay understands: "But to the jury right now, it just looks like you were hiding." They need to call him. The couple exchanges furtive glances. It looks like Miguel doesn't want to take the stand.

Outside the client room, Lindsay and Jimmy discuss the case. The Lump thinks that they should take the eleven years. Take out your rubber mallet and get ready -- yes, it is time to bang it repeatedly into your head, because we visit The Theme for the sixteenth time this episode as Lindsay responds, "It's still one eyewitness, Jimmy." Blah she held tough blah. When the jury hears about Miguel's priors, it's even further downhill from there. Lindsay: "Do you think it's too risky calling him?" Without answering her question, Jimmy glances over at Reverend Crane, who is sitting on a bench making notes. The Lump postulates, "Does he strike you as a court buff?" The light bulb goes off. The pair walks toward the unsuspecting minister. He smiles and stands up to greet them. Jimmy asks if he's still enjoying the trial. Rev. Crane says yes. Lindsay asks his objective opinion about how their case is going. Rev. Crane responds, "Not so well, really. The fiancée seemed like she was protecting him." Lindsay says, "You might be right. Can I ask you one more question? Why do I get the feeling you're not a disinterested bystander?" Rev. Crane says he's not disinterested. Oh, right. He's a "buff." Jimmy cuts to the chase: "What do you know, Reverend?" Lindsay thinks he looked a little anxious in the courtroom, like he has a "stake" in the proceedings. Boy, these two are a couple of Angela Lansburys. Yawn. The Reverend shrugs his shoulders. He honestly doesn't know anything. Jimmy tells the poor man that if their case gets any worse, he's going to subpoena him anyway, just for the hell of it. Lindsay: "You're here because you know something. You need to talk to us, Reverend." Okay. I just stopped my tape so that I could make a sandwich. Honest. And Big was playing on Bravo. How strange is that? Any. Way. The Reverend repeats that he doesn't know anything and tries to walk away, only Jimmy grabs his arm so he can't move. "Please let go of me, Mr. Berluti." Jimmy threatens the poor man again with a subpoena. The Reverend caves: "Suppose what I know doesn't help you." Jimmy says they're willing to take that risk. Rev. Crane says, "Not here." The lawyer offers up a client room, but the Reverend doesn't want to meet with them anywhere in the building. The Lump turns to Lindsay and says, "Buy us some time."

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The Practice




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