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A wolf in sheep's clothing

The Firm. Ellenor leads Mitchell into the conference room. He apologizes for his "inappropriate behaviour." Apparently, he's going through some personal problems at home and, well, he didn't think before he spoke. Mitchell: "Obviously any deal predicated on a sexual relationship is wrong and hereby off the table." He's mad at himself that he even threw it out there. Ellenor wants to start all over again. She launches into her Maynard The Good speech. Mitchell's not buying it. He's got his orders from upstairs and can't cut a good deal. The statute has his hands tied. He could maybe sell ten years to his boss, but that's as low as it's going to go for poor Maynard. Ellenor thinks that ten years is excessive. Mitchell doesn't know what else to tell his "old friend." The Sexual Tension Sonata rallies. Ellenor starts quoting her instincts. She believes the offer wasn't pulled because of his conscience, but rather because she wouldn't go for his, ahem, deal. Mitchell insists that she's wrong. But his voice sounds kind of funny. And the music is still going, so you know Ellenor is onto something. Ellie: "I want the six months." He's sorry, but any favourable deal would be met with suspicion at this point and he's "just going to play this," ahem, "straight." I'm sure no innuendo was intended. Heh. Any. Way. Ellenor responds, "Straight or punitive?" Ten years is the deal. And suppose sex weren't off the table. Mitchell: "I'll say it again. Ten years is it."

Meanwhile, as Ellenor tries to shake down the D.A., Jimmy and Lindsay have a go at the poor Reverend in Bobby's office. Rev. Crane won't talk unless what he has to say falls under privilege. Jimmy can't promise anything, and he insists that conscience is what brought the Reverend to the courthouse and conscience is why he's talking to the lawyers right now. Again, the Reverend insists that the discussion must be privileged. Lindsay agrees to this. Crane says, "Now, speaking to my attorneys, my problem is one of my congregants killed Mr. Coyne." The Defense Of The Damned Waltz squeaks its way into the scene. Jimmy looks at Lindsay. Lindsay looks at Jimmy. They are both so shocked! Yawn. Blah conversation, blah minister, blah admitted his crime, blah compounded guilt, blah innocent man, blah wrongly convicted. Apparently, Rev. Crane has been monitoring the trial on his congregant's behalf, and if it appears that Miguel is losing, the real killer might come forward. Rev. Crane: "And that's all I'm at liberty to say." Jimmy tells the minister to let his congregant know that Miguel is facing a conviction -- and that his confession could save this man's life. Yawn.

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