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A wolf in sheep's clothing

The Firm. Eugene is pacing. He tells Ellenor she has to go to the judge. "And say what?" she asks. Rod is there too. His hands are surfing the air like it is a California wave. Emperor Rod says, "Your suspicion is that he's taking a harder line." Yes. Mitchell is taking a harder line, but she doesn't know if he's being punitive or if he's simply embarrassed. Eugene: "Either way the client suffers. The guy comes on to you, you rebuff the advance, and as a result, the client's getting a lesser deal." Eugene pauses for effect: "You have to report that to the judge." Blah Mitchell is her friend, blah known each other for years blah. Rod: "Friends don't put friends in that position." Thank you, o Holy Rod Of The Land Of Ethical Platitudes. How many times has he used his relationship with Helen to get a better deal for their clients? Yeah. Exactly. Oh, Ellenor's also friends with Mitchell's wife, and if she comes forward, people are going to be hurt. Eugene: "Ellenor. As an officer of the court you have an ethical obligation to report him." She doesn't want to be lectured by Eugene. He doesn't let her off so easily: "You have knowledge of a D.A. putting sex on the table in plea bargains." Blah repeat offender blah. Ellie doubts that Mitchell will do it again, and even if he does do it again, she wants someone else to carry the burden of responsibility and report him. Come on -- they are friends. Bobby: "Ellenor." Full stop. "If the client is getting hurt. You can't sit on it."

Suffering County Courthouse. An expectant Lindsay and Jimmy are waiting to hear from the Reverend. He comes in, breathless, and announces that his mystery man isn't going to come forward. The dude doesn't want to go to jail. Ah, it's so hard to do the right thing. Lindsay: "Assuming we can clear hearsay problems, would you be willing to testify?" Reverend Crane: "Absolutely not." Blah confession, blah Miguel's going down, blah hands are tied blah. Crane won't dishonour his oath. Ha. Oddly, Jimmy doesn't have the same problem, because he hands the minister a subpoena. This episode is just so shoddy. Funny how Law & Order had a whole storyline this week about a Catholic priest protecting a guilty man. Maybe DEK read a spoiler, decided to one-up his competitor, and pulled together this ridiculous episode. Blah betray the confidence, blah lose his job, blah he could lose his church, blah dee blah blah. Jimmy insists that he doesn't feel good about what he's doing, but he's got to go to the mat for the client. Jimmy: "You have information that could exonerate my client of murder. We have no choice here." Sure you have a choice, Jimmy -- do some investigating, try to find the congregant on your own, talk to some people at the church, and don't just assume the Reverend is telling the damn truth.

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