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A wolf in sheep's clothing

Suffering County Holding Cell. Maynard is freaking out. He's bouncing all over the place like a pinball on speed. Damn. He can't believe he could get ten years for boosting a stereo for his mother. You know, something tells me she'd have been just as happy to get a card. Maynard continues to freak out like his life is over. And it kind of is if Mitchell continues his not-so-honourable quest for justice. Poor Maynard; he screws up his face like he's about to burst into tears and screams, "Ellenor!" He bounces a bit more like Tigger and then asks, "What's going on?" She responds, "Just let me work on it." For a second there, I thought she said, "Just let me work it." Which might have been the appropriate response, judging from Mitchell's lecherous intentions.

Chambers. Lindsay and Jimmy want to force the Reverend to testify. Of course, Helen insists that his testimony would be hearsay. Jimmy tries to argue all kinds of avenues: blah the conversation wasn't privileged, blah not a Catholic priest, blah knowing the identity of a shooter isn't hearsay blah. The judge insists that they treat all conversations between parishioners and clergy the same. Jimmy: "If it's for spiritual guidance. I don't think this qualifies." Lindsay jumps in: "Look, nobody here wants the wrong man convicted of murder." She wants the court to question Rev. Crane outside the presence of the jury to see what comes up. "Nobody can have a problem with that." Yeah, except Reverend Crane himself, I'm sure.

Ah, Maynard's Trial. Ellenor confronts Mitchell again. He says, "Are you trying to extort me, Ellenor?" She responds, "I'm telling you I have an obligation to reveal what happened." Mitchell hisses, "Nothing happened." Except that he put a sexual act on the table in exchange for a good deal. That's something, and that's what Ellenor argues. Mitchell continues to berate Ellenor: blah he's offended, blah blackmail, and blah duress blah. While the pair is still arguing, Judge Kittleson's clerk calls the case to order. The judge sits on the bench and says, "Any business before we bring in the jury?" A sentence I have never heard her say in any trial before today. Mitchell tells the judge that the Commonwealth is ready to proceed. Judge Beautiful turns her attention to Ellenor and asks if the defense is ready to start trial. Ellenor hesitates. The judge asks again. Pause. Pause. Ellenor looks over to Mitchell. Looks like she's made up her mind. She walks toward the judge and says, "Your Honour, regretfully, I have to report some misconduct committed by Mr. Wheeler." She continues to explain that Wheeler's actions have negatively affected the outcome of the case. Kittleson's eyebrows jump almost to her hairline as Ellenor explains that Mitchell sexually propositioned her. Blah good deal, blah sex removed, blah bad deal. Kittleson asks if Wheeler has a response, and then he takes a walk down Turncoat Alley. The judge asks if sex was put on the table. Oh, and let's not forget that we're discussing this in OPEN COURT. Not only in front of the defendant but also in front of the hundreds of people always sitting in the gallery. Mitchell says that it was Ellenor that offered up sex in return for a good deal. Finally, after Ellenor whisper-screams, "You've got to be kidding," Kittleson says, "Why don't we take this to chambers." Now there's a piece of freaking logic for once.

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