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After the final set of commercials, Ellenor shows up at George's apartment to discuss the kiss. She says she's feeling a little uncomfortable about it. Ellenor explains that winning George's acquittal was her biggest professional victory, and that she thinks that on some unconscious level she tries to relive that victory every chance she gets. She thinks she feels better on some unconscious level when she's with George. (I love Camryn Manheim's voice. It was especially soft and beautiful in this scene.) George asks, obviously insulted, "You kissed me on some professional high?" Ellenor denies this firmly but gently. She tries again: "What I came here to say is that our friendship is very complicated and my kissing you is probably not going to happen again, and I just want to be clear on that, that we just keep it as friends." George looks both annoyed and hurt, but keeps a stiff upper lip and says he gets it. Ellenor asks if he's okay with it; he says he is, and that he appreciates her coming by to tell him. She takes off for a deposition she has to get to, and gives him a minimal peck on the cheek as she leaves. As George closes the door, we see that there's a nun's habit hanging on the coat rack behind him, which, naturally, wasn't there the night before when Ellenor was in the apartment. Ruh-roh!

Jimmy's hassling Fonzie in the breakout room as they wait for the jury to come back. Jimmy doesn't know how Steven will be better off this way; Fonzie thinks he'll be better off as long as he's out of prison. Jimmy says when the verdict comes back, they'll have no credibility, Fonzie'll just be a guilty man. Fonzie's still hanging on to the hope that he'll be found innocent, and reiterates that he's willing to take the risk. Bobby pops in to tell them the jury's back.

Big surprise: Olson's guilty. Bobby states they'll appeal. Richard looks smug. The court officer starts to drag Fonzie away as we hear Allison sobbing in the background. Bobby tells Fonzie that there are appealable issues; Fonzie asks if they can win. Bobby admits he doesn't know. Fonzie keeps insisting he didn't do it as they drag him off. Richard walks up to Bobby and says, "Res ipsa prison." Bobby tells him, "Get out of here." Allison is sobbing on Jimmy's shoulder: "What are we going to do?" Jimmy gives Steven a serious look over her shoulder, and Steven slowly raises his eyes to look at Jimmy, wondering whether or not Jimmy knows his secret.

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