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In another courtroom, Ellenor is arguing on George's behalf, reminding the court that Vogelman was found innocent in a court of law. The other lawyers points out, "So was O.J. Simpson, but that doesn't mean that a co-op has to welcome him..." Ellenor interrupts, "How many times does he have to be victimized?" She reminds Judge Kittleson that, after having been acquitted, the police planted a knife on her to try to frame George, to which the other attorney replies that the police did that because they remained convinced that Vogelman had cut off a woman's head. Um, and planted evidence would prove that how, exactly? Ellenor asks if he's supposed to walk around branded. Kittleson says she sympathizes, but an acquittal doesn't add up to innocence, but only means that the state couldn't make its burden of proof. ["Oh, splitting hairs, Roberta, splitting hairs." -- ragdoll] She asks Ellenor if she thinks a co-op should be required to keep O.J. Simpson as a member. Ellenor starts off by saying that O.J. was found guilty at a civil trial; the other attorney insists George would probably be found guilty at a civil trial, too. Ellenor says, "You don't know that!" The other attorney says that Vogelman could be a very nice man who just happened to have a human head pop out of his medical bag, but that some members of the co-op have started to move out since he moved in. He also reminds them that co-ops have always been allowed to pick and choose their members. (So then how did George get in? If people have just started to move out since he moved in, and the widely-reported murder accusation itself is less than a year old, what's the deal? Other than careless writing, that is? ["And we're shocked at DEK's carelessness?" -- ragdoll]) Kittleson indicates that co-ops can't discriminate in choosing their members. The co-op lawyer says that if George was being kept out because of his skin colour or religion, he'd have a case. He adds, "But we're certainly allowed to ask on the application, 'Have you ever been charged with a decapitation?' Maybe it was a mistake to leave that question off." Ellenor's mighty annoyed and asks if he thinks he's funny. He asks Ellenor if she would live in the same building as George. Kittleson interrupts and says she'll take it under advisement and says she'll render her decision at ten o'clock the next morning. George looks depressed.

A woman strides forcefully across a room and says, "How dare you ask me that?" Rebecca explains that she understands that "this is difficult." The woman complains that her sister has been murdered and wonders if they're planning to put the victim on trial. (Well, it is DYD&F; anything is possible, especially Plan B!) Rebecca says the prosecution believes that her sister and Dr. Olson (that would be Fonzie) were carrying on an affair. The sister insists otherwise, stating that her sister liked clean teeth, and he's a dentist. Rebecca asks if her sister could possibly have been having an affair with somebody else. The woman says no. Rebecca tries to ask about the victim's ex-husband, but the woman cuts her off and firmly states that Rebecca's client killed her sister, and that Olson was obsessed with her sister and killed her because she wasn't interested in him. Rebecca suddenly asks if her sister liked bugs. The woman doesn't know what to make of this and says, "Excuse me?" Rebecca claims that a plastic container full of cockroaches was found at the scene, but the police don't know how it got there. The woman just stares at Rebecca and says nothing. ["Wouldn't you hate to have to ask that question?" -- ragdoll]

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