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On the stand is a detective being questioned by Richard. The only fingerprints found belonged to either the victim or the defendant. They also retrieved a pair of latex gloves from the garbage, which DNA evidence proved to have been worn by the defendant. On the outside of the gloves were some skin secretions from the victim and grape jelly. The detective indicates the woman's mouth was filled with grape jelly. They also found several pictures of the victim in Fonzie's desk. Now it's Bobby's turn. He elicits the fact that Dr. Olson called to report the murder to the police. Bobby asks whether Dr. Olson told the police that he had tried to clear the woman's airways when he discovered her mouth clogged with jelly; the detective indicates that he did. Bobby suggests that it's reasonable to assume that if someone put his hands in Ms. Poole's mouth in order to clear it out, he'd get jelly on his hands or gloves. Richard objects: "Speculation." Bobby replies that they're only there in court because of speculation. Richard objects again; the judge sustains it and tells them to move on. Bobby asks the detective if he's aware that Ms. Poole "sought and obtained a restraining order against he ex-husband two years ago." We see a man in the peanut gallery look slightly embarrassed. The detective indicates that they investigated Mr. Jensen and ruled him out as a suspect. Bobby suggests that the police can't rule out the possibility that someone else entered the room after Olson left; the detective asserts that no evidence points to anyone else. Bobby gets him to admit that he can't exclude the possibility, but the detective points out that fibres from Olson's gloves were found on her neck. Bobby suggests that could have happened during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The detective claims to have no idea whether that's possible. Bobby suggests they leave it at that.

Ellenor, obviously desperate, pops into Kittleson's office to speak with her. Kittleson asks if it would be ex parte; Ellenor says, "I'll let you be the judge." Kittleson: "Gee, thanks." Ellenor tells her that she thought about asking Kittleson to recuse herself, since both Vogelman and Kittleson had been tangentially connected by being considered as suspects when Lindsay was stabbed. (If Kittleson had done it, though, you know she would have finished the job.) Ellenor gives her a lot of jazz about the anger a false accusation can cause a person, and says she has to ask Kittleson if she can see straight on this issue. Kittleson asks, "Well, if I couldn't, wouldn't my bias run in your favour?" Ellenor says she doesn't know. Kittleson points out that she knows that this case ended up before her because Ellenor went to the favour bank and got a certain clerk named Benny (who must be another one of Kittleson's conquests) to make sure the case landed in her lap, figuring the bias would help her case. Kittleson remarks, "I see a lot straighter than I'm given credit for. As I said, I will take the matter under advisement. In the meantime, get your ass out of my chambers." Ellenor, duly chastened, beats a hasty and silent retreat. Kittleson looks pissed as we go to commercials.

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