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Back at Fonzie's trial, his hygienist is testifying to Richard about the relationship between the doctor and his patient. Apparently, Ms. Poole came in twice a week, every week, to have her teeth cleaned, and Dr. Olson would always do the cleaning himself, which is highly unusual for a dentist. That's what dental hygienists are for. She was compulsive about having her teeth cleaned, brushing her teeth twelve times a day on top of the twice-weekly cleanings. She testifies that Dr. Olson began scheduling the cleanings for early mornings, before the office was even open. She was never in attendance at any of these cleanings. Once she came in early, and saw that the door to the examination room slammed shut quickly, and she was instructed by Dr. Olson never to come in early again. She was also instructed not to bill Ms. Poole for any of these cleanings, which is a lot of free labour. Then Bobby asks her whether she has any reason to believe that Ms. Poole was not actually getting her teeth cleaned during these sessions, and the hygienist says no, she does believe the cleanings were being performed, since the victim had "a thing" about it .

Bobby, Lindsay, and Richard walk out into the hall. Bobby and Richard natter about the case; Bobby tells the Runt he's got no case, and they snipe at each other for no apparent dramatic purpose. Richard drifts away, and suddenly the victim's ex-husband walks up and confronts Bobby. He introduces himself as Bob Jensen, explains he used to be married to the victim, and complains that he doesn't appreciate Bobby's "innuendo that [he] might be a suspect." Bobby, ever a paragon of compassion, replies, "Mr. Jensen, I sympathize with the loss of your ex-wife, but this is a murder trial. If your feelings get easily hurt in there, I'd stay out of the room." He turns and walks away with Lindsay, muttering, "What's with these people?" ["Because people just love to be accused of murder. Bobby needs a sharp lesson in compassion." -- ragdoll] They go into a breakout room and discuss the trial. Bobby feels the prosecution hasn't made its burden of proof, and maybe "we don't even get up." Lindsay asks if he's ever heard Richard close. I have. I wasn't all that blown away by it. Now, Eugene: that man can close. Anyway, Lindsay argues that they need to explain the free cleanings, and the pictures he had of her, because it's suspicious. Bobby contends that you can't convict on suspicion (yeah, I bet that never happens). Lindsay says it's too risky not to have him testify.

Quick cut to Fonzie stating, "I'm not frightened. I have nothing to hide!" Over at the Olson ranch, Jimmy's eating dinner with Fonzie's family. Jimmy tells Fonzie not to try to outsmart the lawyer (Richard) because he'll try to trap him. Allison, Fonzie's wife, wants to know why they aren't calling the victim's sister. Jimmy explains that the sister's in no mood to help; Steven (Fonzie Jr.) pipes up, "But you could subpoena her, right?" The phone rings, while Steven suggests calling the ex-husband. Steven's sister Laura answers it and it's some girl calling for Steven; he asks to be excused and disappears to take the call elsewhere. Jimmy tells Fonzie that the key in his testimony is to stick to "yes" or "no." Allison sits down, and, the two kids having run off, asks quietly, "Why'd you have her pictures?" She's sure he'll be asked that, and it's pretty obvious that she'd like a good answer. Jimmy says they will ask him about the pictures. Fonzie insists, "I didn't have an affair with her, Allison." She points out that the police aren't talking about an affair, but the idea that Fonzie was obsessed with the victim. Allison asks, "Were you?" Fonzie wants to know how many times they're going to have the same talk. Allison snaps, "Every time something new pops up, like pictures!" If I were Allison, I'd be a lot more interested in the reason for so much free dentistry. Fonzie claims that he doesn't know why she gave him her pictures and suggests that perhaps she was obsessed with him. He tries to suggest that since she was so obsessive about having her teeth cleaned, maybe she developed some kind of fixation on him as a dentist...he doesn't really know. Jimmy's standing over by the counter by now, and warns him not to talk that way or play hunches when he's on the stand. He tells Fonzie just to say he doesn't know why she wanted him to have the pictures. Suddenly, for no apparent reason whatsoever, Jimmy opens one of the cupboards, and spies half a dozen jars of grape jelly. He stops and stares, and Fonzie notices. He's annoyed: "Oh, that's suspicious? What family doesn't have grape jelly?" Jimmy tries (and fails) to look convinced. ["No kidding. I can think of a few families that don't have six jars on hand at one time." -- Sars]

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