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Kittleson, in giving her decision, mentions that she sympathizes with George, but that the contract clearly allows the co-op to evict members as long as it acts reasonably. Kittleson says there is a great deal of evidence to indicate that he picked up a woman, took her to a motel, had sex with her and then cut her head off. "I wouldn't want you on my block, much less in my apartment building." She acknowledges that he may be innocent, but adds that he may not be. She denies his petition and adjourns the court. George looks sad but not surprised. He asks Ellenor what to do next. She's not sure but advises him to start looking for a new place to live. He then asks her to have dinner with him. Ellenor looks dubious. George says, "We can get an expensive bottle of wine, and, I don't know...pretend things are good. I'm a good cook..." Ellenor wimps out and relents. George is all smiles. I feel sorry for both of them at this point, but that doesn't mean this date is a good idea. Ellenor deserves better. Oh sorry, I forgot; in DEK's world, fat women only get to be with somebody who's either a loser, or a user, or both. Or they can content themselves with being alone.

Bobby's got Fonzie on the stand. He's questioning Olson about the pictures. Bobby asks him to address the questions of the pictures and the free dental work. Fonzie says he had the pictures because she gave them to him, and he doesn't know why he didn't throw them away. As for the dental work: "I admit it was very nice to have a beautiful woman come in. I don't get a lot of attention from attractive..." Um, you mean other than your wife, who's no dog? "It was very flattering. Maybe I even had a little crush and so I didn't bill her. But I never had an affair with her and I certainly didn't kill her." Bobby asks Fonzie to describe the events of the morning of the murder. Fonzie claims he cleaned her teeth; then he went back to his office, forty-fifty feet away. He thought she had left. When he went back to the examining room to clean up, he found her dead in the chair. He tried to clear her airway of the at-first unrecognizable substance, and then he realized it was jelly. Fonzie tried to revive her but couldn't; then he phoned 911.

Now Richard's questioning him. How did Fonzie try to revive her? The Fonz says he tried to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, after pulling out enough jelly to clear her airway. Richard asks why he didn't do a tracheotomy; Fonzie considered it, but she was dead -- no pulse, no breathing. Richard asks, "Did you murder her because she was going to break off a sexual affair?" Bobby objects. Before the judge can rule, Fonzie says, "I did not have an affair with her, and I did not kill her!" He bangs his fist on the witness box. Richard asks what Fonzie was doing in his office before going back to the examining room. Fonzie says he was doing paperwork. The Runt looks skeptical, and way smug, so you know he's got something up his sleeve. He asks Fonzie if he washed the floor, and indicates that the lab report showed traces of ammonia and disinfectant on the floor, and that it had been freshly washed. Fonzie says there are cleaners that come in every night. But this was Monday, the Runt states; the cleaners don't come in on Sunday. Bobby and Jimmy look mystified as to where Richard is going with this, and look at each other nervously. Fonzie denies washing the floor. Richard asks if he caused any liquid to fall on the floor. Fonzie asks him to repeat the question, and when he does, he says, "No, I don't believe I did." Richard asks, "What about semen?" Fonzie keeps his composure very well (hey, he's The Fonz), but you can tell Richard's gotten too close to something. Richard asks, "Is there a reason semen droplets were found, droplets with an exact DNA match to..." Bobby's on his feet yelling an objection, asserting that there's no evidence of semen that's been introduced. Richard claims that he's not introducing it now, either, he's just asking the witness a question: "If semen were found, any idea as to how it could have gotten there? Did you think you got it all when you washed the floor that morning, Dr. Olson?" Fonzie remains cool as Bobby snarls another objection. The judge says he'll see counsel in chambers.

Bobby comes in hollering about unfair surprise and complaining that the prosecution didn't turn over evidence. Richard asserts that the evidence was neither inculpatory nor exculpatory, and that it came from a different room. Bobby asserts that Richard knows that's crap. The judge wants to know why, if Richard had evidence of semen in the doctor's office, the DA's office didn't turn it over to the defense. Richard says they have no evidence of the victim being in the doctor's office, so they don't necessarily consider it relevant. Bobby bellows about how Richard just decides to "drop it like a bomb" and ambush the witness. They yell at each other a bit until the judge orders them to shut their yaps. Bobby contends that the judge should declare a mistrial immediately. The judge tells Richard he's "very tempted" to throw the trial out; Richard interrupts, and the judge says, "Shut up." (Love replaying the tape whenever someone tells one of these blowhard lawyers to shut up.) He orders Richard to turn over everything he has to the defense, and warns him that if there's one more surprise, he will "dismiss with prejudice in favour of the defendant." Richard says he understands. The judge also says he'll put Richard in jail. Why the hell isn't he at least being charged with contempt right now? Richard tries to explain, but the judge ain't interested. "You're on probation for the rest of this trial." Bobby states that it's inconceivable not to declare a mistrial now. Judge says it ain't gonna happen. But he tells Bobby, "If you want to beat him up in the parking lot, you have my blessing." ["Because violence is always the answer." -- ragdoll]

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