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They all storm out and follow Bobby down the hall, where he bursts into the breakout room in which Fonzie and his family are waiting. He barks at Fonzie, "What the hell was that?" Fonzie says he can explain. Bobby snarls that it may be too late to explain. As usual, both of them are yelling, Bobby about how he's going down for murder, and Fonzie about how he didn't kill her. Finally, Jimmy pleads with Fonzie to talk to him. Fonzie asks Allison to take Steven out. She's very alarmed and wants to know why. Wearily, he says, "Just do it, please." Allison and Steven leave. Fonzie explains that he has a fetish for watching women step on bugs. He had a deal with the victim that he would clean her teeth in exchange for her stepping on bugs. Then he would go in his office and...gratify himself. And that's what happened the day she died, only when he came out of his office, she was dead. He says, "I didn't kill her. I promise." Everyone looks grave. Um, if Rebecca knows about the container of bugs in the office, why are the rest of the lawyers only just finding out about this now? Surely that's something they would have asked Fonzie about? I mean, assuming anyone bothered to actually prepare for this case. Well, we can ponder the careless writing while we watch some more commercials.

Back at the office, Rebecca and Lucy rag on Ellenor for agreeing to have dinner with George. Rebecca thinks that she's crazy and that George is weird. Ellenor says he's not weird, and that even if he is, she feels bad for him because his life is ruined. Rebecca: "Doesn't mean you have to eat pot roast." Lucy, in her usual delightful way, points out that guys aren't exactly breaking down Ellenor's door. Ellenor starts to give Lucy the what for, but Lucy claims she's defending Ellenor. Just then, Bobby bursts in and, without so much as a "hello," starts barking orders at a stunned Rebecca. Why is Rebecca always the one doing the most clerical work? Lucy apparently has little to do other than make unkind remarks. Here's a clue for all those receptionists who are secretly studying law at night: when you pass the bar, find another firm at which to work. The people who knew you as a receptionist are going to treat you that way forever, and it ain't going to be pretty. Anyway, Bobby says, "Rebecca, get on the Internet and find out what you can about these 'crush clubs,' people getting sexually aroused by stepping on bugs. Then I need an expert witness, someone who can testify about it, and I need it fast." Rebecca tries to ask what Bobby means about stepping on bugs, but he cuts her off with a "just what I said." Eugene wanders into the room and asks, as is his wont, what's going on. Lindsay says with obvious distaste, "Our client likes bugs." Lucy says, "Ellenor's dating George Vogelman." Ellenor says with frustration, "I am not dating him!"

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