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Whoosh. We're in a breakout room. Fonzie's saying, "Plea bargain? You mean say I did it?" Bobby says they're not recommending it, they're just saying it's an option. Allison asks why they're mentioning it if they're not recommending it. Lindsay says Fonzie did okay damage control while on the stand, but the damage was still done. Fonzie goes to his friend Jimmy for advice. Jimmy states that they're up against the wall. "I'm not saying I think you did it but..." Allison interrupts sharply: "I'll say it: I don't believe you anymore, Henry." She says he's sick, he's just a very sick person. She's starting to cry and her voice catches as she says, "Our children are going to have to read about it." Henry asks the legal team to give them a moment and they vamoose. Fonzie sits down to face Allison as the Piano Music of Marital Tribulation (tm ragdoll) plays.

Late in the evening in the DYD&F conference room, Bobby, Lindsay and Jimmy discuss strategy with Eugene. Bobby says he doesn't know where to go with the defense. Jimmy says, "We should have been digging into who else wanted that woman dead." Yup, that might have been a plan. Bobby says they did. Jimmy replies, "Not enough we didn't!" He pounds the table. "She's into stuff that kinky, who knows what kind of people she was mixed up with?" Eugene, who's been studying a file, asks the rest of them if they know Fonzie gets an annuity. Apparently Olson gets one hundred and twenty-five thousand a year from his father in the form of an annuity. Eugene suggests Plan B. (Unbelievable that it took this bunch this long to come up with their usual strategy.) Lindsay's skeptical: "Plan B? Who? The ex has an alibi." Eugene, to Jimmy's horror, is talking about Allison. He asks if she has an alibi. Eugene proposes that perhaps Allison found out about Fonzie's fetish, wanted revenge, but if she killed him, she would lose the annuity. If she frames him and he gets put in jail, she keeps the money. Jimmy's resistant to this idea, saying the police checked her out and took her word for it that she was home. He claims to know Allison, at which point Eugene responds, "You said you knew Henry, and you didn't know he was cheating on his wife with a cockroach!" There's a word picture I didn't need. Bobby thinks if Allison doesn't have an alibi, they could "Plan B" her. Eugene says they could sell it enough to make reasonable doubt. Jimmy says, "I thought you were out of that business, Eugene -- falsely accusing people of murder?" Lindsay points out that the last time they pulled this, they got sued. Eugene thinks they're being pretty fussy for people who have an innocent man going down for homicide. Lindsay says Allison's statement was that she was home alone and the kids were at school. The police confirmed the car never left the driveway. Bobby says, "People take buses." Jimmy says it's too desperate. Bobby bursts, "We are desperate!" He goes off on some rant about how Fonzie was last seen with the victim, he lied under oath, he gets off on crushed cockroaches (because that fact has only been mentioned about sixteen million times and we might have missed it), and that he's a sick wacko. Jimmy and Bobby start yelling at each other in such a way that neither can be understood. We get an aerial shot of the table and Lindsay managing to get everyone to shut up so she can ask whether, if they do this, they ask to treat Allison as a hostile witness. Then they get into an argument about whether or not to run it by Fonzie. Jimmy says he'd say no; Bobby says they shouldn't tell him. Lindsay asks whether they have an obligation to tell the client their strategy. Eugene says no, they just have to act in his best interest. That may not include falsely accusing the client's wife, though, Eugene. Jimmy and Eugene begin bickering about whether or not it's malpractice to withhold information from the client. Lindsay, ever mindful of the firm's reputation, reminds them that having already been sued for this, they don't need more such publicity. Bobby decides they'll run it by Fonzie and let him make the call.

Over at Casa Vogelman, Ellenor and George eat dinner together. Seems like they're having a decent enough time. Ellenor says the food is delicious. George claims there are two secrets: smear the bird with butter, and don't carve it all at once, since that just dries the bird out. He goes to the counter to cut some more meat; he convinces Ellenor to have another piece. He's gesturing hospitably with the carving knife and the two-pronged fork. Ellenor remarks, "That's an awfully big knife you have there, George." Glibly and without missing a beat, George replies, "All the better to cut your head off with, my dear." Ellenor looks slightly stunned by this. (As would anyone, I think.) George claims that gallows humour is all he has left. Ellenor says that "this thing" will follow him, and sometimes he'll be able to fight it and sometimes he won't. She pours some more wine. George mumbles about severing the past and leaving town. She says casually, "That's not the worst idea. But I'd miss you." George stops fussing with the bird and walks over to her and says he'd miss her too. She pauses, unsure that she likes where this is going, and turns around and asks him what's the matter. He says he's been missing her, and that the one good thing about all his problems with the law is that it meant he could spend time with Ellenor. He reminds her of what a good time they used to have laughing and talking on the phone before she saw him in person. (They met through a personals ad, if I remember correctly.) She's obviously hesitant but too kind to hurt his feelings outright. He goes on to say that she is the greatest woman he's ever known, and she thanks him. He says, "This is where you're supposed to say something nice about me." She chuckles softly and replies, "Okay, how about...I really like having you as a friend, George." He gets the picture, but then he leans over slowly to kiss her anyway, and Ellenor lets him as we go to commercials. Please, whatever you do, don't sleep with him, Ellenor. You can do better. ["Insert ragdoll screaming, 'Give Ellenor a real love life, you bastard!' at DEK here." -- ragdoll]

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