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Jimmy's told Fonzie about Plan B; Fonzie is, predictably, outraged and unwilling to go along with it. Fonzie denies even the possibility that Allison could have committed the murder; Jimmy says it doesn't matter, she's just a red herring. Fonzie thinks no jury will buy it. Jimmy says it's not so crazy, and paints a little picture of how he can use this to create reasonable doubt. He asks Fonzie, "Can you be positive she didn't go down there?" Fonzie says, "Yes, I can." He asks Jimmy for lawyer-client privilege and "friend privilege." Jimmy agrees. Fonzie tells Jimmy it was Steven. Jimmy's taken aback. Fonzie says he saw the door close when Steven left. Jimmy wants to know why he hasn't told anybody this. Fonzie replies, "Because I don't want him to spend the rest of his life in jail for something I drove him to! Now look, you said I had a very good chance of beating this thing. That's what I've decided to do." Jimmy can't believe his son is letting him take the fall. Fonzie says Steven's so angry with him he doesn't care, nor does Steven know that his dad knows who did it. Jimmy wants to go to the DA, but Fonzie grabs him and says, "Absolutely not! No chance! They will try him as an adult. You know that, Jimmy. His life will be over!" Jimmy asks about what happens if he kills somebody else. Fonzie says he'll get him some help. The time to do that might be now, actually. Fonzie insists that this stay between him and Jimmy, and that if Jimmy blabs, he'll confess to the crime: "This happened because of me, and I'm willing to take the risk." Jimmy's incredulous. He walks out into the hall and looks at Lindsay and Bobby, who are pacing around, and shakes his head.

Bobby does his closing argument. He admits the thing looks bad. The physical evidence points to Fonzie. "We know he's a little twisted...sexually aroused by seeing bugs get crushed...what's with that?" Really? He is? I hadn't the faintest idea. Why are we only learning this now? Bobby insists that Fonzie didn't do it, although he doesn't know who did. He points the finger at the victim, of course: "I do know the victim put herself out there on the Internet, advertising her services, and you encounter a lot of depraved people doing that kind of thing." Really? You do? I hadn't the faintest idea. Why are we only learning this now? Bobby suggests she may have been stalked, and Henry framed. He reminds them that the physical evidence only shows that his client was in the same room as the victim, which he freely admitted anyway. Bobby mentions he was the one to call the police. And, if he was going to kill her, Bobby adds, wouldn't he have done a better job of it? At least tried to get away with it? He concludes by asserting the prosecution has no physical or testimonial evidence to prove Fonzie committed the murder. Now it's the Runt's turn. He cites the pictures, the free cleanings; posits that perhaps she didn't want to squish bugs anymore, and Fonzie snapped. "We could stand here all day trying to make sense of it, but you can't make sense of depravities, ladies and gentlemen, whether it be a murder or a bug fetish, it's pointless to apply reason. No evidence points to anybody else being in that room other than the defendant. The woman he engages to come to his office to squish insects and bring him to a climax [oh, hadn't you heard?] -- is found dead." Richard reminds them he lied on the stand. "We already know he's a liar. Is there really even a question here that he's also a murderer?" Having told a lie or fifty in my life, I'd like to think I'd get the benefit of the doubt if I was ever accused of murder. Guess I can forget about that! ["Word. See you on death row." -- Sars]

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