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Germ Warfare

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Germ Warfare

Final commercials watch the sun go down, and we're back at The Firm. Lucy drops a cup of tea off on Ellenor's desk (I'm assuming to settle her stomach), as it's Rebecca's turn this episode to give the "we've had a bad day" pep talk to a bunch of despondent defense attorneys. Not a single person responds. Rebecca continues, "We can't just sit here and brood." Jimmy mumbles something about picking up the pieces, and Ellenor, quite out of character, snarls, "I'm going to get him. The judge. I'm going to get him." Rebecca sighs, and the camera pans outside to the window of the firm as we see Bobby staring off into the distance, hands settled comfortably at his side, throwing in the towel.

Next week, prepare yourself for some (more) screaming as Ellenor files a formal complaint against Judge Pickle-Up-His-Ass.

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