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Germ Warfare

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Germ Warfare

We fade into the conference room at the firm as Ellenor is wrapping up her own recap of their first day. She feels things are going well. Mr. Jamison is wearing a brown plaid shirt, a brown tweed jacket, and a brown tie with strange peacock feathers on it -- I think wardrobe is purposely trying to make him look funny so we don't notice how his creepy ears are glowing. They discuss the barracuda of a witness up for the defense next -- Feldman. Lindsay's got her spear and she's ready to hunt. Mrs. Jamison inquires whether or not she's going to testify, and Ellenor explains that they're keeping her until the very end. They want the last thing in the jury's mind to be the children and all their problems. The Theme of Impending Doom heightens the tension in the room as Ellenor once again explains how tomorrow's testimony could make or break them.

Bindsay's (tm deborah). Water patters as we see Lindsay in the shower. Gross. A shower scene. I prayed for some pale Psycho rip-off, but was sorely disappointed when it was Bobby, not Vince Vaughn, who ripped open the curtain and exposed his wife to the cold air. Damn, no one needs to see a soaking wet, concerned Lindsay -- no one. Perhaps this scene is DEK's way of supporting his wife's career -- you know, shower, water, bathrooms, it's all supposed to remind us of Michelle's abysmal summer movie What Lies Beneath. If DEK's good at anything, it's sending subliminal messages; look at all the Emmy's he's racked up. Lindsay must have been in the shower a long time, because Bobby's concerned. She squeezes the water out of her hair and shakes off some more as he hands her a towel. She's fine. She's just thinking with eyeliner on, in the shower -- that's right, we wear our make-up in the shower here in Emperor Rod's land. She whines a bit about how she's "got to get him." Bobby gives her a pep talk consisting of "you will get him, you will." And we are thankfully spared any full-frontal nudity.

Helen's office. Barrett's lawyer is in there contesting the polygraph. Mr. Stone looks like Batman's butler Alfred. Blah de blah, he lied, blah de blah, life sentence, blah de blah, they don't see eye to eye. Stone's not going to allow Barrett to take the test -- why would he? Helen, doing her best impression of our favourite Stone, Ben Stone of the Law & Order Stones, responds by saying, "How about simple justice?" The other Stone, Alfred Stone, of the guest-spot Stones, snipes back, "I was away last week, did the system suddenly become about that?" She cuts back: "I don't find cynicism persuasive." In the end, Alfred refuses to subject his client to perjury charges, and Helen tries to buy him off with a little immunity, but that's not enough; he also refuses to be the key that unlocks the murder charge. Now what, Helen?

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