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Germ Warfare

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Germ Warfare

Courtroom. Feldman is testifying for the EPA. Remember last year, when Lindsay ripped apart that tobacco company, and ended up destroying their case? Yeah, that's what happens here. Feldman tries to portray the EPA in a positive way; Lindsay rips him to shreds. Oh, poor barracuda. My favourite line in her cross is "so, kill a child, save a tree?" Feldman never really recovers from the suggestion that the environmental lobbyists paid off the EPA. Then she starts in with the statistics -- how in 1998, the EPA failed to inform a million power plant workers that they were at risk for mercury poisoning, and on, and on. The music swells, and she throws out a question about how many chemicals the EPA has actually done neuron-toxicity on. Feldman doesn't know. Lindsay does, and the final answer: nine. Of the hundreds of thousands of industrial chemicals, how many did they ask for the neuron-toxicity data on? Again, Feldman doesn't know. Again, Lindsay does: three. All three stuffed shirts look anxious as Lindsay finishes with this witness. Oh, she got him, all right. Does DEK ever get tired of the same plot line, I mean ever? Let's pause here a minute. In the first two episodes, we've replayed the following scenes: Jimmy and the Fonz -- good guy's innocent but the lawyers can't help. Lindsay and the tobacco company -- bad guys are harming good people and they set out to make it right. Jimmy and the cancer trial -- good guys battle the bad guys about some environmental issue which causes irreparable human damage. Bobby's Friend Commits Murder of Spouse -- Raymond Oz kills his wife and then Bobby has to get him off (not really the same, but sort of the same). Is it too much to ask that he just take a little time and maybe, just maybe, use his imagination? Here at MBTV, we'd like to call this "flogging a dead horse." In fact, this horse is so dead that it's already decomposed and its spirit has found itself a new home in my two-year-old cat, Willie Pep.

Scott's Visiting Cell. Bobby's going through the unknown names with Scott. They discover that his wife was seeing a psychiatrist named Bernard White. Wallace didn't know his wife was seeing a doctor, and Bobby says he'll pay him a visit. The Emperor then revisits the whole "didn't let you testify" thing and lets Scott pump his ego back up to its normal Mount Rundle heights. No one's as good, no one will try as hard, yeah, he screwed up, but Scott knows he'll keep trying. They throw each other a little love.

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