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Germ Warfare

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Germ Warfare

Helen's Office. She and The Runt are having a tiff. Helen "Joan of Snark" Gamble wants Richard to sign an affidavit stating that he coached a witness to lie: "It doesn't say 'lie'!" she implores. "But that's the implication," he bitches, and wonders what the hell she wants to accomplish. She says that Wallace deserves a new trial, and the two of them take over the Bobby/Lindsay dynamic of last season. The Runt screams, "You're not taking me down. You might have some professional death wish! But I don't! And if you think I'm going to let you go forward!" They volley the "maybe he lied" or "maybe he didn't" but "we don't really know for sure what he was thinking" ball back and forth until Helen gasps, "Maybe you can live with this conviction, but I can't!" The Runt pulls up his socks and starts scrapping: "I'll fight you on this, Helen!" She accuses Richard of trying to rack up convictions with a blatant disregard for innocence. For a minute, I think the Runt is going to explode; there is steam coming from both ears as he righteously blabs, "I don't believe he's innocent." He tosses his own threat into the ring by proposing that Helen's moving forward with this could ruin her career and their friendship. For some reason, the music considers this a serious matter, because it swells its seriousness around The Runt. Helen tries to eke out even the barest of emotions as he slams the door to her office.

Courthouse. Ellenor approaches Team Toxic with yet another offer from the defense: $225,000 per child. Mr. Jamison stammers, "That, that, that beats $20,000." Lindsay nods, and Mrs. Jamison inquires as to whether or not they should take it. Ellenor doesn't really know. Then Mrs. Jamison gets all flaky and has some sort of premonition: "I think we're going to get more." Apparently, she just feels these things. While rubbing his wife's neck, explaining that Angela has "intuition," Mr. Jamison decides they should go to verdict. Ellenor wants them to be sure. He turns to Angela, but she's convinced it's going to be more, and that is that; after all, what's a woman if she's not intuitive, right?

The Firm. Bobby and Eugene are standing around Lucy's desk for some reason, discussing Karen Wallace's psychiatric records (the front of the office is so much more private than, say, the conference room?). Bobby barks some order at Lucy where she's supposed to arrange a meeting with Judge Wolfe, and orders Eugene to call Helen Gamble when she just strolls right in like the saviour she is: "I'm convinced that Kyle Barrett lied on the stand." Helen says after Bobby informs her they've got new evidence for Scott's case. She also slips in the fact that he was coached by the prosecution. Eugene and Bobby look like the cat that ate the canary.

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