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Germ Warfare

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Germ Warfare

Courtroom. It's the blue room this time. Bobby's arguing that, in the interests of justice, Scott's verdict be overturned and he be awarded a new trial. Shockingly, Richard opposes Bobby's motion. He and Bobby spar for a bit regarding Helen's "honest" tendencies and her now-deflated credibility within the department. Judge Wolfe reigns them in. Scott Wallace looks terrified. He honestly has such a pained expression on his face that you'd think he was as constipated as Sean was on Survivor. They yell at each other for a while over Karen Wallace's medical reports. Judge Wolfe sets down his ruling: even though Helen came forward, it's still the jury's role to judge the veracity of Barrett's testimony, not hers; he does find the doctor's report to be relevant, but he's not satisfied that it would have resulted in a different verdict. He denies the defendant's motion for a new trial by slamming his gavel. The Sound of Fifty Years of Hard Time bounces throughout the room as The Emperor approaches his defeated friend. "I'm not quitting," he says. Scott wants to know what happens now. Bobby explains they go to appeals and challenge them on legal grounds. "I'm not quitting," he repeats. Hey, Bobby. We get it; you're not a quitter. Now shut up. DA Kate is in the gallery, and she watches, seriously, as Helen leaves the courtroom. The same music is still playing.

We sit around a circular table with Team Toxic. Angela Jamison is confused. Jimmy tries to explain that a judge can cut back an award if he thinks it's too high. Steven Jamison wants to know then what's the point of a jury trial? Jimmy says that judges don't necessarily like to do "it. But this guy. I'm not sure?" They go through the options available to them, and none is particularly appealing. Ellenor suggests she's going to be ill. Lindsay just plain old gives in and advises the Jamisons to take the judge's offer. The Tears of Discontented Trial Verdicts Everywhere are prompted by the music as everyone whimpers about how life just isn't fair.

Helen's Office. DA Kate comes in unannounced. She seems kind of mad -- hum, I wonder why? "You blindsided the department. Embarrassed it. And now we have to deal with a media --" She's so angry she can't even finish her sentence, and then she fires Helen. Only, wait a minute, Helen says very calmly, "You're not getting my resignation. And if you fire me over this, then just watch the media come at you." You know, I might care about Helen's predicament if perhaps I cared about Helen, but I don't, so let's all say it together now: Who really cares? DA Kate wonders why she's doing what she's doing. Helen explains, "We all say better to let a guilty man go free than put an innocent man in jail. An innocent man is serving a life sentence, Kate. If this were Texas, he might already be dead!" When did Helen become the jury? And when did Helen become so self-righteous? Blah de blah the jury doesn't know about the polygraph, blah de blah the jury doesn't know Barrett's a liar, blah de blah the jury doesn't know a lot of stuff: "I do." Then DA Kate lays down the barest smackdown I have ever heard in the history of all employee smackdowns: "You're right, Helen. I can't retaliate over this. So, I'm just going to go back to my office and wait for your next mistake. Every day. I'll just wait." Then, Helen dismisses her boss: "Thanks for dropping by, Kate." There is more emotion in my kitchen sponge than in these two women. Oh, I guess blackmailing your boss ensures that you're a successful DA in Boston. Good, now I know what to strive for.

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