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...where defense counsel is arguing that he should be allowed to cross-examine Amanda because she simply stood in the courtroom staring at Wilson. Helen argues back that she didn't call Amanda to the stand. Blah dee she just gave testimony blah, blah dee she did no such thing blah, blah identification blah dee, she didn't take the stand so there, she waltzes the girl in there to stare without being sworn! She made an identification! Helen screams, "I didn't plan what was going to happen in that room!" Defense counsel wants a mistrial. Helen scoffs, "Oh, right, then you'll argue jeopardy was attached because we caused a mistrial." She steps forward and throws the morality card on the table. She doesn't think Betts wants to be responsible for setting Wilson free to rape another sixth grader. The judge doesn't like her tone, and he doesn't fall for her argument: "If what just happened in there was planned, he's right, you are totally unethical." Huh. Well, I could have told you that already. "And if you were surprised, you are grossly incompetent, even for a government lawyer." Ouch. Then he says Helen's to blame for a mistrial. Ouch, again. Helen's rebuttal: "We pushed that girl before she was ready. You, especially, Your Honour, this is what happens." Betts doesn't take kindly to her accusations, throws around his robe for a minute, and then throws them both out.

Bobby's Office. He is interviewing Jenny, Fiona's sister. Did she believe her sister at all? No. She liked to shock people, and this had "great shock value." And you told this to the police? Yes. Does your dad have a temper? No. He never could have killed her. No way. Bobby rolls his eyes, throws his pen on his desk, and says for the four-hundredth time in his career, "I have to ask...what about your mother?" What about her? Blah blah blah murdercakes. Jenny pauses for a minute, looks completely guilty like she's hiding something, and affirms that she couldn't conceive of her mother harming Fiona. Bobby wants to know if there's "anything" she's not telling him. Jenny offers, "My mother loved my sister. She would never hurt her." Rod takes a deep breath. Methinks she doth protest too much, um-hum.

Courthouse Of Amanda's Pain. Betts addresses the jury. He tears Helen down by calling her "reprehensible" and a couple of other choice words. Then he lumbers on, "Ms. Gamble's arrogance and stupidity should have been apparent to everyone in this courtroom. Now. The defendant has moved for a mistrial." He waits for his accompaniment, The Chorus Of Contrivance And Colossal Overkill, before denying the motion. He then instructs the jury to ignore Amanda's presence in the room and tells them they need to decide on the evidence presented by Ms. Tritter and Dr. Inwood. He slams the gavel and adjourns the court for twenty minutes before defense counsel can start his closing arguments.

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