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The Firm. Again, a reasonably recovered Rebecca is sitting with Rod and Jimmy, talking about whether or not they have a conflict of interest. She claims that who they "think" committed the crime doesn't matter: "You're simply trying to establish that Raymond Littlefield didn't." Jimmy says they might "Plan B" the wife; she hired them, and he's thinking she's the client. Rod doesn't know, can they? Rebecca responds, "Here's where it gets murky. If you tip her off that you might be going after her, that undermines the interest of Raymond." Bobby snipes that he knows it's murky. He just wants an answer. Rebecca says, and I quote verbatim, "Don't snap at me. I just got out of a coma." That's right, people, DEK is actually calling attention to the fact that he's totally inconsistent -- some coma Rebecca was in, she's up and walking around two days later. Bobby asks about Raymond's mistress. Jimmy says he's meeting with her today, and then Eugene interrupts their conference. They discuss Ellenor and how scared she is for her baby. Crossover snore.

Amanda's Trial. The stupid closing statements: blah dee blah the prosecution has the testimony of an alcoholic, blah no physical evidence blah, not even a fingerprint blah. Oh, reasonable doubt, how do they love you? Let me count the hundreds of millions of ways/times I have typed you. Helen: blah dee blah the horror of the crime, blah dee blah eleven-year-old girl, blah dee blah rapists back on the street, blah dee blah one eyewitness blah. This rapist was seen. Blah brave Tritter blah. The medical evidence, plus the eyewitness's testimony, is enough to convict. Go do your job. Go now, you fake jury! Go decide the fate of a fake man in this fake trial -- go!

Ellenor's Hospital Of Pain. This scene is just so stupid I can't even bear to type it for you. Lindsay is visiting. Ellenor claims that her daughter, the one that's in her womb, is "already bigger than this little guy." Whatever that means...continuity anyone? Baby Rod is almost as tall as I am. Ben comes in, Ellenor tells him Lindsay can stay, Baby Rod makes his presence known, and Gideon says, "You really want to know?" The lab results are normal, and he kicks her out. He gives her some steroids for the baby's lungs and everything's okay! Hooray!

The Littlefield Trial; Oh, So Much Pain. Judge Zoey rules in favour of the defense. The girl's statements are in fact hearsay. Hear ye, hear freaking ye. Legal blathering about "our justice system" and "out-of-court declarations." Whack. Court is adjourned. Bobby stands up and addresses Raymond: "Congratulations. You now have an excellent chance at freedom." He thinks the DA will want to strike a deal. All they have is the blood on the golf club, and that's not enough to convict. Raymond tries to look pleased before they cart him away back to the holding cell...of PAIN.

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