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Jimmy's Lunch, Where He Confronts The Mistress Of Pain. Jimmy not-so-subtlely accuses Raymond's mistress of killing the daughter. She doesn't bite; she's a lawyer too. The woman gets slightly hysterical, shoots down The Firm, claims Jimmy wants to point reasonable doubt at her for Raymond's sake, and then says over and over and over again, "I think anybody's capable of swinging a golf club in a fit of rage." Meaning that she doesn't think Raymond killed Fiona, but Kate most certainly might have.

Oh, final commercials, I am so happy to see you! That means this farce of an episode is almost over.

Amanda's Trial. Judge Betts asks the defendant to "please rise." The Song Of Spending The Rest Of Your Life In Jail stands up as well. He asks if the foreman has reached a verdict. Of course he has; they have unanimously found Bruce Wilson guilty. Damn. Justice is sweet. Betts dismisses the jury, asks that the defendant be taken into custody, and adjourns the trial. Helen is vindicated. She walks over to Mr. McGowan; she's breathless: "We'll need a victim impact statement from you and Amanda." He tries to thank her, but she insists he go "see his daughter." Michelle looks like she's going to crack open a cold one right there in open court.

Susan's Office Of DA Specialty Pain. Bobby knocks, entering the office, where Susan looks like she's concentrating very hard on balancing a pen above her head. Rod: "You look ready to dance." Whatever that means. Susan: "Actually, I am. As blown away as I feel." He moves into the office and closes the door. Susan explains that when she called Bobby, she was prepared to offer manslaughter, but then -- there was some contaminated blood on the victim near the vagina: "We've identified the contaminate. It was a trace of semen. It genetically matches your client." The crushing sounds of guilt and defeat swell as Bobby opens the file to read the results for himself. Apparently, Susan is as shocked as Bobby is, and they'll agree to a continuance. Well, that's Murder, She Wrote.

The Holding Cell Where Bobby Threatens A Lot Of Pain. He's screaming at Raymond, as he is apt to do when someone says they didn't have sex and is then presented with evidence that disputes that very fact. Okay, did no one see or read Presumed Innocent? And how the hell did they get a genetic match to the semen without Raymond's permission for a blood test? Raymond tugs on his hair. Bobby wants to know how the semen got there. Raymond claims he didn't kill her. Bobby screams, "How did that semen get there, Raymond?" And then he bends forward onto the table: "Aside from being sick, you're screwed!" Rather calmly, Littlefield reasserts that he didn't kill his stepdaughter, despite whatever else "might" have happened between them. Ew. Gross. Double gross. Triple gross. Quadruple gross.

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