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Bobby "King of Pain's" Office. He's scribbling on a legal pad as Mrs. Littlefield explains that all the evidence of the affair came from her daughter. She told her friends, and she told her sister. "And you think she was making it up?" Rod furrows his brow. Shh, he's concentrating. Apparently, the daughter was "troubled." Kate explains that Fiona would say things just to get attention (okay, but for what other reason do you talk except for people to pay attention to you?). Two years ago, Raymond wouldn't let the girl go to a party, so she threatened to tell everyone he molested her. Her daughter was getting counseling: "She was pathological, Mr. Donnell." Mrs. Littlefield looks wistfully over her shoulder as Bobby asks about the blood on the golf club. Well, they believe the club was planted. Of course it was. Planted by whom? Raymond had some "enemies." Oh, those mysterious "enemies." You'd better watch out or they might kill your stepdaughter just to frame you for a mysterious reason or two. How ridiculous is this? Apparently, Fiona had gotten herself into some drug problems, perhaps one of her "enemies" killed her and then framed Raymond: "Or perhaps somebody just wanted to frame Raymond to..." Bobby prompts her; she finishes: "To get even." Who would want to do that? Exactly. For once, Rod is making all kinds of sense. Mrs. Littlefield continues, "He was having an affair with a woman which ended last summer." Does she think this woman might have killed Fiona? Well, she doesn't know her, but both Raymond and the police think not. How old was your daughter? Without flinching, Kate Littlefield replies, "Sixteen."

Hospital For The Prevention Of Pain. Ellenor is in a hospital gown being seen by an obstetrician. The doctor feels around Ellie's belly for a minute, flips open a chart, and postulates, "It could be pre-eclampsia. Your BP's a little high." Ellenor says the paternity suit really stressed her out. The doctor continues her examination; there are trace amounts of protein in Ellenor's urine. Wow. That's not good, and Ellenor knows it. Has she been feeling sick? Has she had the flu? A cold? No. Why? Because she's got an elevated white blood-cell count, which is normal in pregnancy, but "you are high." She wants to run some more tests. Ellie exclaims, "Now you're freaking me out!" The doctor reassures her, and then tells her she'd like for Ben Gideon to see her. Apparently, he and Ellenor are "friends." Is the baby in danger? The doctor asserts, "Not at all, but I want Ben Gideon to see you." Ellenor looks upset, shakes her head to the left, and then back at the doctor in a sort of silent submission. Damn. I hope nothing's wrong with the baby. Wait, what am I saying? We're in the middle of the Crossover Snore, of course there's something wrong with either mother or baby. I mean, we didn't have any of this drama with Lindsay, right, except for the whole "twenty-pound baby being born in the courtroom" part, no, no drama at all. Someone should remove DEK's baby trump card. We've had enough already. Thank goodness both Camryn and Kelli have had their babies now, and we might be able to put these storylines behind us.

Courthouse Of Pain. All rise. The Honorable Abraham Betts is presiding. The judge comes in and grumps, "No need to get comfortable. This isn't going to take very long." He sits his robed ass down on his bench. Mr. McGowan looks on. The camera flashes by the rapist. He looks a lot like the kid that Rebecca defended against a hit-and-run charge last season (in "Losers Keepers"). The judge denies Helen's motion for a continuance. She tries to speak, but he interrupts, "I told you probable cause on this is thin. The defendant does have the right to a fair and speedy trial, Ms. Gamble. Have you forgotten that?" Don't answer that! Don't answer that! It's a rhetorical question! Don't -- ah, argh -- Helen pipes up, "The rape wasn't that long ago." Oh, that is the wrong answer. The judge snaps back, "The longer you wait the less fresh the memories of your witnesses." Helen snarks, "Thank you for your concern." Ha. She wants him to rule on her motion to let the child testify via closed-circuit television. It's denied. The trial starts after lunch. Now it's Helen's turn to stand with her mouth agape. The judge gets up off his bench. She insists she'd like to be heard on her second motion. He snaps, "You've been read." She argues that the victim is an eleven-year-old girl. And forcing her to sit in the same room with the man who raped her, well, that's just mean. Betts insists that is the defendant's right: "Confrontation clause. Face-to-face confrontation if she testifies." Helen insists it doesn't need to be in the courtroom, but that they could do it with the closed circuit. The defense counsel weighs in: "It's not done that way in Massachusetts." It could be! The judge shuts Helen down. There will be no closed circuit, the law is the law, the motion is denied and the trial will start in one hour: "Get your witnesses." Damn. What an asshole. Helen just stands there looking mad. Instantly, Mr. McGowan wheels up to her and they meet in front of the prosecution's desk: "Why is he being like that?" Well, the giant pickle lodged up his ass can't be comfortable, for one thing. For another, Helen claims, it's because he's a judge who cares more about his docket than the emotions of an eleven-year-old rape victim. We, the audience, tense up as The Serenade For Sabotaged Motions rises into the scene. Mr. McGowan wants to know what happens next. Maybe Helen can still get a plea? But if you can't, Mr. McGowan holds back the tears: "You gave me your word!" She just wants to "see how it goes." And with that, we fade into commercials.

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