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Amanda's Trial. Helen has the emergency doctor up on the stand. He explains that they found evidence of vaginal penetration, legions, and bruising: "The hymen was broken." With her arms crossed over her barren chest, LFB asks, "Doctor, were you able form an opinion as to what happened?" She lays out her hands for his answer. Based on his examination, the findings are consistent with forcible penetration. The defense lawyer asks if there was any evidence of semen. No. Was there any other physical evidence? The doctor says, "No, but --" but the lawyer doesn't let him continue, effectively ending his testimony.

Bing. The elevator dings. Helen walks briskly up to Michelle Tritter and snaps, "You're up next. You've got twenty minutes." The young woman pulls her hair behind her ears and exclaims, "Oh! God!" Helen sits down, tells her to relax, and then claims that she "smells beer." Michelle claims that she had one, "that's all." Helen starts hyperventilating as she sees her case floating away on an alcoholic haze: "Ms. Gamble. I was trembling. My hands were shaking. Just to calm me down. I'm fine." Helen looks the woman straight in the eye and threatens, "You need to be strong up there." Okay! Sheesh. Michelle could have afforded to wash her hair for the proceedings; it's really, really dirty. Helen explains the defense is going to come after her, but she must remember that she's standing up there for a young girl; Michelle takes a deep breath, and the DA insists, once again, that she be strong up there. You'd think they were about to jump into battle on St. Crispin's Day or something.

Fancy Lawyer's Office With A Painful View. The Emperor saunters in suggesting that he "hates" to be "plundering." Ah! The lawyer guffaws; his wife was on his case to take a vacation anyway: "The files are in good shape." He slaps some paper on his desk. "The investigative reports. You can use all my exhibits. I could have them messengered over." As if Rod doesn't have a car that could carry a couple of files, and one of those horrible overblown headshots they use in all the fake trials on this show. Rod just stands there, looking at the other lawyer, until the other lawyer is forced to ask, "What's the matter?" Bobby's hands are holding his coat up and away from his suit: "Losing a high-profile case one week before trial, one would think you'd be a little more upset." The other lawyer claims there will be other cases. Bobby's office looks so drab compared to this one. A light bulb appears over Rod's head: "He told you he did it!" No, he didn't. He did! He didn't! He did! They arm-wrestle. Rod continues, "You can't put him on the stand and say he didn't because you know the truth, so he needs a lawyer who doesn't know the truth." Oh, Rod's just so S-M-R-T. Isn't he? The lawyer admonishes him: "Bobby!" But Rod's on a roll: "You know too much!" Right, but the dude insists that Raymond has denied his guilt the whole time. Bobby's timely response: "Uh-huh!" Go get him, Rod! Get him!

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