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Amanda's Trial. Michelle is on the stand. Again, why didn't they wash her hair? Given her a pretty bow or something to wear? It's just hanging there looking like twice-boiled spaghetti. She does give strong testimony, though. Her voice is clear and her story seems to hold up, in the eyes of the fake jury anyway. She witnessed the rape, Amanda's attempt to flee her captor, and his flight, and she points straight at the defendant, Bruce Wilson, claiming he was the man who committed the crime: "He was running after Amanda. And she was crying. You know?" What did you do? Michelle ran down to help: "I don't know her real well but I know her dad's cripple." She got downstairs but "Wilson was already gone," so she calmed Amanda down. But the girl was crying, she was upset and she was holding herself...Michelle looks toward her midriff: "Down there." The defense objects to Michelle repeating what Amanda said exactly, and Betts sustains. Helen asks what happened next. Michelle took Amanda to see her dad, but he doesn't have a car, so they took a bus to the emergency room, "so she could see a doctor." Then Helen brings up the drinking; Michelle explains that she drinks a lot, so the two beers she had that morning didn't really affect her that much. "Are you sure you saw what happened that morning?" Yes.

The defense attorney attempts to break Michelle's resolve, but fails. Even when he's pounding her about being an alcoholic, she asserts that she saw what she saw; Wilson raped the young girl: "He did it." The Melody Of Michelle whips to attention: "I saw it." Blah dee alcoholic haze blah, do you ever lie about how much you've had to drink? Michelle: "Does your client ever lie about raping children?" Move to strike! Sustained. Blah dee you were drunk blah, you have a car, why didn't you drive them to the hospital, blah safety blah, have a drink today? Michelle admits she had one beer. Has she ever been convicted of a crime? Yes. Public drunkenness. With tears in her eyes, she admits to being found passed out on a sidewalk. Oh, Helen looks so very unimpressed. Her pout is being to fade, and the music is overpowering just about every other aspect of the scene.

The Hospital Where They Try To Find Ellenor's Source Of Pain. Eugene wants to know what the doctors have told her. She replies, "Just that I could have some mysterious infection." Is the doctor holding anything back? Ellenor insists, "He's an old friend, Eugene. He's not going to lie to me." Andre Braugher steps into character and steps in to her room to quip, "I might! If there was money involved." He walks over to Eugene and introduces himself as "Benjamin Gideon." Ellenor snaps, "All right. Cut the small talk. Just tell me." Andre: "We still don't know." Ellenor: "Did I tell you he was funny?" Eugene gives her the stink-eye. Gideon explains that her ultrasound was "clean," there were no stones and the "ducts were clear." Okay, so they are comparing Ellenor's body to a house. She seems nonplussed: "So, more tests?" Ben suggests she might have an infection of the amniotic fluid. He's going to schedule an amniocentesis. Is it serious? The Sestina Of The Unborn jumps into bed with Ellenor. It could be. She snaps, again, "Ben. Just tell me, dammit. Is it anything serious?" Andre barely cracks; he's not hiding anything. They simply don't know what's wrong with her. Ellenor does not like that answer. Not one little bit.

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