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Holding Cell Of Pain. Bobby is facing Mr. and Mrs. Littlefield: "What was your relationship with her?" Raymond grips a chair with a heavy -- almost too heavy -- hand and claims: "At first, she hated me because I wasn't her real father. She called me Step-Thing." Ha. "But then our relationship improved." Rod wants to know how old Fiona was when they got married. Non-Jackie Non-O replies, without looking at Rod: "Thirteen." She's still wearing the pearls, but her hair has been released from captivity. Over time, their relationship became more of a "typical father-daughter" relationship. Yeah, except for the whole part where you SLEPT with her. Bobby notes this very exception. Raymond reminds Bobby that "she had a history of lying, Mr. Donnell. The more exotic, the better." Non-Victoria Non-Principal insists that there was no evidence of the affair other than her daughter's word. Rod bites his lip: "You said she was getting counseling? Has anyone spoken to this counselor?" Apparently, the prosecution plans to call him as a witness, but Raymond insists, "She lied to him too." Rod explains his game plan -- tomorrow he's going to bring a motion in limine to suppress Fiona's statements. Can they win? If they do win, there's a chance the affair -- "the alleged affair," Mother of The Year insists -- would never be introduced in court. If the motion is denied, the chances of them keeping the affair/non-affair out of court get much worse. The You-Know-He's-Lying-About-The-Affair Song plays as Bobby just has to ask: "Did the police ever consider you a suspect?" He turns his steely blues on Non-Victoria. She responds, "You're asking me if I killed my own daughter." Well, you had access to both the victim and the murder weapon; I'm wondering if the police ever asked. In her clipped, short manner, Kate insists she has an alibi; conveniently, she was at her daughter's school at a board meeting the night of the murder. Oh, re-e-e-a-l-l-y. She snots, "And whether or not the police checked, you'll have to ask them." An eyebrow cocks. An Emperor stares. A writer reaches to cover her head as a hundred-pound case of Liar Liar Pants On Fire candy comes crashing from above.

Helen's Office Of Surefire Pain. With black lacquered nails, Helen grips the pen she's using to take notes at her desk. Ms. Tritter opens the door, and Helen greets her warmly. The woman apologizes. Why? "Because I'm a drunk." She steps forward: "And I didn't do that girl much good today." Helen disagrees. Michelle insists that she saw the jury "looking at [her]." The DA replies, "You stuck to what you saw and you were incredibly brave." Is Amanda going to have to testify? Probably. Michelle apologizes again, and then walks out of the room. Now there's a scene for the "makes no sense and there's absolutely no need for it" file.

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