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Now I need a beer. Or two. Or three. Or a shot of Jack Daniels. Or a margarita. Aw, hell, you get the idea.

The Rod Home Of Plenty O' Pain. Rod is pacing, and complaining, and pacing, and complaining. His wife is breastfeeding their child. Who is huge! Who must be teething already, he's so big. Who must have already celebrated his first, second, and third birthdays by the time they shot this episode. Lindsay asks, "What's her motive? To kill her own daughter?" He hasn't worked all that out yet: "Insurance? Frame her husband? I don't know. I'll find out." Mrs. Rod thinks he's got a slight conflict of interest; after all, Mrs. Black Death is the one who hired him. No, Bobby insists, the husband is the client. Lindsay isn't so sure: "They both seem to be the clients." She rubs the baby's head: "If you're going to undermine her, maybe you should get outside evidence counsel to tell you what to do." He wraps his hands around his nimble hips and says nothing.

The Courthouse For The Providence Of Pain. Helen, Amanda, the therapist, Mr. McGowan, and Lucy are practicing. Amanda asks where her dad will be sitting after Helen explains she'll be up in the witness box. For some Godforsaken reason, Lucy weighs in: "And I'll be here too, Amanda." Whatever, Wall Candy, now shut up. Helen wants to ask her "a few easy questions" so the young woman can get used to talking from the box. "Where is he going to be?" Helen thinks Amanda means her father, but she really means Wilson. Apparently, Helen can't answer that question; she's not allowed to, but she does say he'll be in the courtroom, "and you never have to look at him except when I ask you to point at him." Can you do that? Amanda doesn't answer; she lets the music speak for her. Which translates to "I'm probably going to choke on the stand so why don't you just leave me alone."

Helen's Office Of Unremitting Pain. Amanda's psychologist and Lucy "Rape Counselor Extraordinaire" Hatcher take the seats in front of Helen's desk. The DA strides over to stand in front of her chair: "I can still call it off." She places her hands on her desk in front of her. They look like tiny spiders. "Look. I won't lie. I think they guy will do it again. But Doctor, if you're telling me it would be too detrimental for Amanda..." Lucy, after racing around getting her doctorate in post-rape traumatic syndromes, insists that it's too soon. Mr. McGowan explains that he can't afford to move. If Wilson isn't convicted, he's back in the projects and he's back in their building. Helen addresses the therapist. She's worried about the trauma, but she's also concerned with the "lasting effects." Amanda would end up feeling responsible for "his freedom should he rape again." The DA wants to put her on: "You have my word. If it gets too rough I will call this whole thing off." Now, didn't Helen just give the man her word that she wouldn't let Amanda testify in the first place? I'd say Helen's word was about as worthy as a confidence man selling a cure for cancer.

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