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A Bright And Sunny Day Of Oh, So Much Pain. Bobby is in court arguing for his motion. Susan Alexander is up for the prosecution; she thinks Fiona's statements are an exception to the hearsay rule. How? Bobby is so snotty. It's not just that he interrupts and turns to practically spit on her, it's his tone; he has such an awful, haughty, condescending way of speaking sometimes. Judge Hiller is presiding. Rod argues that there is no "bragging exception to the hearsay rule." Hiller wants to know if the prosecution has independent evidence, beyond the girl's claim, of the affair. They do not. Susan argues that the statements are, in fact, excited utterances, and therefore an exception. Bobby claims that the affidavit by the therapist states Fiona was emotional, and that doesn't mean she was "excited." The judge wants to know whom the daughter told about the affair. Susan offers up the sister, the therapist, and several friends. After Judge Zoey asks about "the tenor" of Fiona's statements, Susan has to admit that she was boasting. This bodes well for Rod. Damn. I'd love for him to be wrong just once.

Outside the Courtroom, Bobby explains what's going on to Non-Victoria and her other daughter. The woman is now wearing a snakeskin print scarf wrapped around her neck. They might as well brand her "daughter-murderer" while they're at it, or Sybil, or maybe "Snake" after the whole Adam and the apple incident. She wants to verify that her daughter's statements are in fact hearsay. Rod says yes, but things don't always go the way you want them to in the courtroom, and they should be prepared: "Jenny. I'd like to talk to you about your sister. Can I do that?" Other Daughter nods. He continues, "And I have some more things to go over with you. Can you come by after lunch?" They'll be there, and with that Mrs. Littlefield slithers off with one arm around Jenny. They are going to see "Daddy." Jimmy lumbers up. He just talked to Rebecca. According to the probate, when Fiona died, Kate Littlefield became the sole beneficiary of a two-million-dollar family trust. Oh, Rod is so not shocked. He deadpans, "Gee. What a surprise." Jimmy thinks she is the client because she signed the retainer agreement. That could present a problem if they want to go after her both in and out of court.

In Another Part Of The Pained Courthouse, there is no holiday. Helen bursts open the door: "We're ready." She holds out her hand and says, "You can walk in with me, Amanda." The Song For Little Girls clasps onto her other hand, trying to hold her up. Helen coaches her, "You just look at the floor and nowhere else. Nobody is going to hurt you in there." Let's go. The entire pack of them -- Lucy, Mr. McGowan, Helen, Amanda, and the therapist -- walk slowly into the courtroom. The little girl looks around. She sees the jury, the witness box, and then, just before she actually gets up to the stand, she looks over at Wilson. And then she freezes. She stares at him. He looks back at her. Helen asks, "Amanda?" The judge barks, "Ms. Gamble! Are you calling this witness?" Defense counsel takes off his glasses and stares at the girl. Helen tells Amanda she needs to step up to the witness chair. Betts snaps, "Ms. Gamble!" Helen: "Amanda." Judge: "Ms. Gamble." Finally, after about a hundred plunks of a sordid piano, Helen looks straight at the judge and says, "The Commonwealth rests." Defense counsel screams, "Your Honour!" Betts grumbles, "You're not calling this witness?" No. Chambers!

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