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Cain and Abel, DEK-style

Previously on The Practice: Harland "Hound Dog" Bassett confounds judge, jury, and Eugene with his woeful ineptitude. Lucy "Mother Non-Teresa" becomes a rape counselor who helps some helpless girls and generally becomes an annoying expert on the subject.

The promo for The Practice on Global states, "How far should your lawyer go!" As if that's supposed to be an enticing reason to watch the show: lying, cheating big heads bend and squeeze the law in ways you barely dreamed possible. Yeah. Right. Now, that's entertainment. Carry on.

The Firm Where They Singing Rousing Choruses Of "Freedom." Lindsay "Mother Knows Best" Dole is slamming books around as she packs up for the day. On her way back to her desk, she asks Lucy, "Who's your DA?" Lucy replies that Helen is trying the case. Apparently, Little Mary Sunshine "really likes working with her." They smile pleasantly at one another. Lucy teases Lindsay, "Don't you have a kid to go home to?" As Lindsay smiles and says yes, Richard "The Runt" Bay sweeps rather indiscreetly into the office. Now, that's unlike him. He usually slams the door and starts screaming. There must be something funny going on. "Richard?" Lindsay is surprised to see him. He steps forward and says, "Guzman. Eighteen months." That's the same deal he told Lindsay on the phone. He knows; he came there to make it in person. Lindsay asks him what's the matter. "Nothing." Richard nimbly shakes his head. He just thinks they should take the deal. Lindsay insists that the drugs weren't his and that she can't recommend her client plead guilty to something he didn't do. Richard looks like his dog just got run over by an eighteen-wheeler. "He won't win this." Lindsay steps forward, cluing in: "You're acting a little odd. Why have you come down here?" He tries once again to convince Lindsay to take the deal, but he never explains why he wants her to take the deal, just that she should. Please, for the sakes of all of us having to write the words "take the deal" over and over and over and over again, take the damn deal. She looks sternly at Richard: "I'm going to ask you one more time. What is going on?" Again, Richard insists "strongly" that her client take the eighteen months. Lindsay replies, just as strongly, "The offer is rejected." Richard pleads. Lindsay wants to know more than what Richard is offering. He can't. She rejects the offer, again. Little Napoleon looks concerned, resigns himself to the fact that Lindsay isn't budging, and leaves The Firm, only this time the door does slam on his way out.

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