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Even the jury objects

Helen's Office. Helen sits behind her desk while Kenny Walsh stands watch just behind her. An older couple -- in fact, the parents of this week's victim, Linda McLaughlin -- faces Helen. No offense to Walsh, but that spot behind Helen's desk is reserved for Hunky DA. No others. Just him. Mrs. McLaughlin doesn't understand what's going on because, in her words, they've "got all the evidence." Mr. McLaughlin chimes in, "He knows he killed her. What defense could he have?" Helen honestly doesn't know -- perhaps insanity, but she bets the defense couldn't find a doctor willing to take the stand. Kenny looks sternly at Helen. She returns with a purse-lipped look of her own. Mrs. McLaughlin "prayed he would plead guilty" so she wouldn't have to go through the ordeal of a trial. Helen tells the couple they can still offer "him" a deal.

Suffering County Holding Cell. Eugene sits with his client, who asks, "What kind of deal." The "him" in the first scene refers to this week's resident guest star Gabriel Casseus; he played God in that horrible Liz Hurley venue Bedazzled. The lawyer replies, "Murder two. And that's a gift." Darryl Johnson, a.k.a. Gabriel, whines, "That's still life." Eugene: "With the possibility of parole." Darryl paces, only his pacing has little hip-hop bounces to it, and he tugs his two hands together, sort of like he's pulling a fist. Aw, he's cute. Anyway. Darryl insists he doesn't want to do life. His lawyer throws the contents of the prosecution's case into the mix: his prints were found on the murder weapon; his semen was found in the girl; a witness saw him running from the scene of the crime. Damn. It looks to me like Darryl has no defense, and that's just what Eugene argues. Darryl counter-argues: he made love to the girl hours before she was killed; the witness got it "wrong." Eugene: "Well, she seems pretty sure." Again, Darryl insists that the witness is wrong. He thinks for a minute while he hop-paces around. "A friend of mine had this trial and called this doctor witness. He talked about how white people can't tell black people apart." He points a finger upwards. "Some disease or something." He throws both arms in the air. "That witness has got that disease is all." He shifts his weight from one foot to the next. Cocks his head and says, "We got to call this doctor." Eugene frowns. Furrows his eyebrows together and responds, "I don't think race is an issue here, Darryl." Darryl looks at his lawyer from under his eyes, a deep, righteous kind of stare -- you know, the ones that Lindsay is always giving the Emperor -- and then says, "You don't understand. I'm instructing you to make it an issue."

Today, the weather is Toronto is quite lovely. We're all just waiting for snow. It's been a teasing kind of season. It's quite warm, warmer than usual, and no one really knows what to make of the weather. Oh, yeah, the credits are going on, but I'd honestly rather talk about something as boring as the weather instead of the crappy, boring, redundant credits.

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